Gundam 00: Awakening of the Trailblazer. How much did you hate it?

This goes out to all of you unfortunate enough to sit through ALL of that just god awfully boring and stupid movie. As divided I am on the second season of 00, it is a masterpiece in comparison to this movie, which I hold in such low regard, I do not recognize it as cannon in any way shape or form. This long into the Gundam anime being around, and NOW they decide to introduce aliens. Something I’ve heard Age did better. The aliens were lame, and the ending were Setsuna in the “Quan-T” uses his trans-am to “understand” them, and after all the damage they caused, they leave the people of earth with a giant space flower. UGH! A friend of mine is a brony, and he says that show was more manly than that magical as hell ending. In addition to the poor writing, the movie is very slowly paced at times, and… ugh… it’s hard for me to finish this now. And oh god, the quant at the end with the flowers on it UGH! So, how much did you guys hate it?

Probably not what you want to hear, but I enjoyed it a lot and I felt the ending was appropriate.

Action was a little over-the-top at times and the dialogue during the final battle seemed cliched, but I had fun watching it.

I didn’t like it at all. Same goes for 00S2 which at times went Seed Destiny tier. (pewpewpewpewpewpew)

However, there’d been aliens before 00:AotT.



I’m with Dlinker. The first time watching it through, I didn’t like it. I felt kinda like you did…
But about two years later, like this year… I’ve ,matured a lot since then. And I understand more about the movie and I’ve grown to appreciate it more and more. In my eyes it’s way better than Endless Waltz and is a masterpiece.

By the way, I can’t comprehend why you don’t like Season two of 00. In my eyes, both were written in an amazing fashion and had great endings.

I second your comment. it takes a repeat watching and time to fully appreciate the 00 and the movie. The second time I watched it was seemed far better. I could understand characters better and the whole reason why the Quant had to be an emissary instead of simply Gundam to ELS. It has its flaws as everything but as a Gundam 00 movie it did well. Shame it effectively ended the AD universe as now you can only make stuff before the unification of Earth.

I’m starting to think the movie is very similar to SEED Destiny. You either love it or you hate it.

@Deathscythe!, the Turn X doesn’t count as alien. Considering all of the factors, the Turn X is actually the final form of the Haro :slight_smile:

If you can’t love it in ONE sitting, it ain’t worth shit.

I enjoyed it greatly. It was more entertaining than most of the UC stuff I’ve watched.

Its not a love or hate thing simply on a second watching you notice details you miss the first time. I did not like Zeta the first time I watched it and hated Kamille, after watching it the second time I now understand the series much better. I think its good when watching something a second time you discover more of the movie or series. Loving a movie or series the first time is good, liking it because you watched it several times and understand it is also good. It is after all a personal preference so as long as you are comfortable with your choice it is also good.

Sums up pretty much everything.

I too enjoyed the 00 movie and the Second Season. The Second Season was all about character development and I personally thought that the movie wrapped everything up neatly with understanding between two completely different beings. Besides, some movies are worth second chances. My example is Atlantis: The Lost Empire. As a kid I didn’t get the movie and I just thought that the action sequences were cool. As an adult, I view it differently and more ways respect it for what it is.

The space flower was to signify that the Human race had finally started going in the right direction, and that the two species were able to understand each other. The flower only happened because it was setsuna’s object of peace. It’s a symbol of mutual understanding. And that was basically the whole point of the series.

My troll sense is tingling…

I didn’t like it at first either, after 6 months I decided to give it a try and I noticed what their trying to do, its the ultimate message the whole series preached, peace through understanding. The ELS weren’t bad guys, they didn’t understand what they were doing was hurting humans, until the humans fought back, then the ELS felt like they were defending themselves. Gotta let go that these beings are not human, the communicate through absorbing into each other. I will give the crew that made OO credit, instead of alien enemies like we have see it soooo many other shows, they went outside the box and did something most people certainly did not expect and it work in its own way.

All of this is known to me, and it’s all part of why I hate this movie.

I’m a sucker for Gundam 00. I liked it. This is one of the best Gundam series for me. The movie was a bit of a let down when I first watched it. I do not imply that this is a bad movie for me. The action is good. The concept of aliens in Gundam universe was a bit of a shock to me. However, I felt that this is the best way to implement aliens in Gundam 00.

I have a feeling though that the idea of beam spamming in this movie, which I think was done right compared to Gundam Seed beam spamming, sprang from an episode from the second season of 00 when the orbital elevator collapse, and the only way to do it is by the inclusion of the non-humanoid metallic shape shifting aliens. I might be wrong though.

The designs of the Gundams are still getting into me as of this moment. I still like the second season suits over the movie suits.

In the end, I don’t consider this movie bad. I enjoyed it.

Well then, how would you have improved the movie?

Also, this thread belongs to the Battleground sub-forum. Seems appropriate to put it there along with the numerous SEED Destiny bashing threads.

Setsuna had to go because ELS were ultimate servival species. They were just too strong to win against them using normal forces so unless setsuna communicated that the people do not want to be absorbed they would have won. And yeah the miovie was a bit of a letdown, I really thought that 00 would become the new UC but alas that would never happen now.

  1. Still have them using their season 2 suits.
  2. No aliens. Just no.
  3. Have the bad guy be like a Ribbons clone or something BUT DAMMIT, NO ALIENS! The 00 Movie is the Indiana Jones 4 of Gundam films, except to its credit, Indiana Jones 4 did aliens better!
  4. And have Setsuna be with Feldt. She loved that boy more than he knows.
  5. And have Marina die. Didn’t like her in season 1, hated that bitch in season 2, and the ending of the movie with her and Setsuna… don’t get me started.
  6. Or hey, how about NO 00movie! Was anyone banging on the doors of Bandai demanding a movie be made?
  7. Or how about Setsuna going into the core of the ELS a destroy it, and the ELS die off Phantom Menace style.

He had to go with them because of that? Bullshit! And no, the ELS would not have won. It was said SOMEWHERE that the Quan-T was the most powerful gundam ever made in the 00verse, and quite possibly any gundam series. The Quan-T would have destroyed the ELS while in trans-am mode, though it would have taken a few days to do so, but Setsuna would have beaten them. And support from everyone else would certainly help too.

Being Celestial Being’s most advanced MS to date, the 00 Qan[T] is so powerful that it could possibly have eliminated the entire ELS attack force single-handedly had Setsuna chosen not to communicate with them.[4] Although it’s possible that this conclusion is the same hypothetical calculation (by Veda) that excludes important factors such as ELS’ healing abilities and pilot fatigue and can take up to a whole week of constant battle time[5] making it a very hard feat nevertheless.
found it! a week single highhandedly, a few days with everyone else helping.

Did you actually watch the movie or are you just trying to troll us? And no even the most powerful gundam would not have won. There is a limit on how much you can use a Trans-Am system and there is limit to pilots ability to fight. Did you see that ELS can copy anything, so its possible that given enough time they would have copied Quant. Also while it is a mobile suit its main system is a Quantum communication system that allows advanced communication using brainwaves. And even if he could have fought on for several days only a portion of the ELS would be needed to tie him down in battle. The rest could have easily gone and absorbed everyone else. Also “somewhere” is not a valid source. And while it might the most powerful suit in AD universe it is still a mobile suit there is a limit to its abilities.

I wish I hadn’t seen it. And dude, it’s Gundam. The humans, the good guys would have won. Gundam wiki is where I got it. And that’s where I also got that there were only 1,000 els’s left. Setsuna would have been pushed to his absolute limits in destroying the ELS, but he would have done it with his ms that can teleport between galaxies! And it wouldn’t be just him out there. Humanity would have won, as it always did. But I guess for the sake of not turning Setsuna into the god among Gundam pilots, they wrote in that bullshit “peace and understanding” ending.