Greetings from Indonesia

Hi there, new guy here from Indonesia. My name quite a mouthful to be pronounced in english, but you guys can call me Ven for short.
I’ve been a long time gundam fan since 17 years old, and just come back from 4 years hiatus after watching Gundam Build Fighters anime, which is stir up my passion for Gundam again. Eventhough have been building gunplas for long time, in fact I’m still a terrible amateur.

Currently I’ve been working on MG Blitz Gundam, and i hope I can learn something new from you guys.

Best regards,

Welcome to the forum. Their are a lot of helpful hints to be found here. You have but to ask. I hope to see some pics of that MG Blitz. And a WIP

Welcome to the boards! Feel free to ask any questions.

Welcome aboard the forum. If you’re wanting to learn more about the basics, then you came the right place. There are a lot of very skilled modelers here that are more than willing to share their knowledge with you.

Also, this thread below has a ton of useful info that you can check out.!-I-am-new-want-to-build-gundams-and-have-zero-clue-how-to-build-them!

Thanks, good sirs. Surely I’m gonna enjoy being here. Already learned quite a lot just by browsing through the thread.

Cool. Always looking for new members. Are Gunpla available in shops where you live?

Thanks, man. Yes, they are, but not up-to-date though, most of them only got old kit, and finding a MG kit is a really PITA. I had better luck in ordering online.