Got lando's falcon(1/144) and noticed it doesn't have landing gear?

so, I received as a gift, lando’s millennium falcon, painted, built and stuck it on the included display stand.

I did notice ONE glaring omission from the kit…

landing gear.


why give me removable landing gear door covers if you’re not giving me landing gear? it’d make more sense not modelling in the gear wells if you’re not gonna package gear with the kit.

is there an optional addon for lando’s falcon that supplies landing gear? or is it not supposed to have gear full stop?

while I enjoy having an included display stand…the option to depict the ship landed, on the ground, would have been nice.

Which manufacturer made it? There seemed to be Bandai, Fine Mold, and Revell…

If it was Bandai, it does not seemed to have a Landing Mode…unlike its other ones.

…knew I forgot a detail.


I just found it odd…that there’d be gear wells moulded into the kit, if they didn’t intend SOMETHING to go there.

That is alright, just want to make sure, because that makes it easier to look up the instruction manuals.

In any case, it seemed that out of the 4 Bandai Millennium Falcons that Bandai have produced, only the Lando’s version do not have a Landing Mode specifically mentioned in the manual and do not seemed to include parts for the landing struts. The body also seemed to be a entirely different mold than the other 3.

So it seemed that those landing struts covers were just for show and you might need to make your own, grabbed it from the other kits, not sure if they fits or not though, or see if some third party makes them.

The Fine Molds version of Millennium Falcon, not Lando’s version though, also have landing struts…

…is it wrong of me to feel like they slightly cheapened the kit by not including the landing gear?

No, of course not. Though it was a little surprising that Bandai used different body since they already used them in 2 kits previously and then 1 later than Lando’s. And Bandai do like to “recycle” exist parts for kits. But they most likely did that because Lando’s version have that extra compartment that makes the Millennium Falcon looked more like a tear drop. Sorry, did not watch the movie so not too sure what that part called.

its called the YT-Dart in the manual.

welp…guess I’m not displaying it sans stand, woulda been a good look for it too.

Ah, well, have not really been too serious about Star Wars stuffs for years and definitely was not really reading the manual, just looking at the pictures for the information you needed.

Guess you can attempt to kit bash or see if someone can recast the landing struts for you. Hopefully the ones from the other Millennium Falcons can work with Lando’s.

gonna make a new thread for that question.

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But since your other thread was about if the other Millennium Falcon’s landing struts work with Lando’s, going to reply some other information in this one instead.

Anyway, was browsing around Dalong’s site and remembered that he also review Bandai’s Star Wars kits. According to his review, the other 3 1/144 Millennium Falcons are 98% identical to each other. Only minor changes between them. So that meant that you can pretty much check and/or acquire landing strut from either one of them and if those work, then they work, no need to checking on whether or not the other 2’s parts work. Should save a little time on your quest…

now I just gotta find one that wont break the budget ^^;

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Well, the forum’s hosting company, USAGundamStore, do have Millennium Falcon from Rise of the Skywalker available for $59.99 . If you want the ones that were priced at $4x.xx, you might need to wait longer, depends on whether Bandai reissue them or not. And saw a twitter feed discussion while reading something about Gunpla from last week or the week before, someone claimed that there was/is shortage of plastic and resin in the industries. If that was true as claimed, it can potentially impact the plastic model industry and companies will likely need to choose between release newer, possibly more expensive, items or reissue the older items without raising the price. Though again, it was from a twitter feed discussion, so not sure how much truth will be in that.