Got caught by the Gunpla

Newbie at building Gunpla, on build #3. I’ve done some plastic model building before, mostly Warhammer 40K vehicles, back in the 3rd Edition days. Did some Chaos tank kitbashing.

Saw the new SD Sangoku Soketsudens and fell in love, and now have a large pile of SDs and BBs to build. Keeping a Google Docs list of what I’ve got on order. Restricting myself to just SDs and BBs for now, since I need to see progress after a build session. :slight_smile:

Just wait until you get into building High Grades. You’ll really be addicted then.

That’s exactly why I haven’t bought any of those.

I’d end up being a perfectionist and never get them done. I need at least one hobby where I don’t have to be a perfectionist.

Being a perfectionist while building can be difficult, but just knowing that you don’t have to be amazing and it can just be a fun/relaxing hobby makes it much more fun! It’s important to realize you don’t need to be competitively skilled at everything, something that I struggle with but building gunpla has helped me learn.

Anyway, good luck on your builds! Have fun :smile: