Goose's build thread

So currently I am hand painting my HG Exia using Testors enamels, The results are actually pretty good, I will post up some pics once I get home to show you whats been done so far. I haven’t gotten my airbrush yet due to some financial issues but next Friday is payday and im getting a bonus so that means new Gunpla and my airbrush. I also have my HGUC Jesta Cannon waiting to be built as well.

Sounds like you’ve got some nice plans going. Planning on a color scheme for the Jesta?

I want to build it, then maybe paint it as close to the original colors as possible. Hopefully with that bonus I can pick up a GM a paint it white dingo colors.

That would be pretty cool. I’m interested to see what you have gotten done on Exia.

Ill post up the pics tonight. It’s my first time painting with a brush so be gentle… overall im happy but i got a lot of painting to do still

Hand painting is an art. It takes a lot of practice to get the hang of it. I’ve been hand painting stuff for years and I still don’t know everything there is to know. It just takes practice and a steady hand.

Testor’s enamels are those little bottles right? If you think those are nice, wait until you try out their Model Masters line. Really good stuff.

Yeah the little bottles, I saw some of those model masters at hobby lobby. Im going to start saving up to buy paint from, but in the meantime im just gonna build my kits. I have some nice kits that are begging to be built.

That’s a good idea, build up the kits first and then doll them up later. I do that during the winter since the cold weather prevents AB use for me.

Progress on Exia

I need some grey paint to get rid of those stickers.

Here is the beginning of my HGUC Jesta Cannon Build

Looks like a fun project! Btw, you might wanna take a blade to those leftover runner nubs that are on the Jesta’s chest panels for a better fit. I just finished my RG Zaku II about an hour ago and I ran into a problem with a similar chest piece. However, they were a lot smaller and it was a challenge to shave off the nubs. Looking forward to seeing the final product of the Jesta and Exia!

Looking good so far. For the Exia, are you painting the entire kit, including the white parts?

Thanks for the kind words guys.
@exia-7 I saw the nubs in the pics and how bad they looked, ill take a exacto knife to it tonight and some 2000 grit sandpaper.
@dlinker - its hard to tell but the white is painted, the only thing not getting painted is the grey parts of the “frame”. I need to get a light grey color to paint the part where the decals go on the legs

Looks really great so far man. I would have never of known that you had painted the white if you hadn’t of mentioned it. Great work man.

Wow, brave of you to paint the white parts also. That color is such a hassle to paint that sometimes it’s just not worth it (even when using an AB).

It’s probably just the photo, but it looks like the blue is painted on a tad heavily.

Yeah I believe I did go a bit heavy… Its my first go and I figured If I messed up Exia It wouldnt be to bad

Oh, okay, it’s all cool. I’m guilty of doing the same thing at times, mostly whenever I decide to paint Tamiya acrylic right out of the bottle, haha.

Ok, so after watching a few youtube videos I decided to experiment with my airbrush and regular acrylic paints. I mixed it with water to get it to about the consistency of milk.

Here is what I was working with

Now, the part I painted was like a dark green color and this was only one coat.

I don’t think it turned out bad, plus the coverage was nice.

My wife has a sh!t ton of that stuff. She uses it it alter Magic Cards. My question is, does it adhere to the plastic? And what affects would other forms of paint have on it?

I saw that folk art paint at HobbyLobby today. I’m not a painting expert, but it sounds like a good price - around $1 a bottle. Does it hold up well on the plastic?