Good to be Back!

Figure since the place is more or less rebooted and my old account seems to no longer be around, that another introduction thread would be appropriate.

I joined in around late 2014 or some when I was first getting into gunpla, and I believe I was a pretty regular member but left sometime during the weird zombie period of the site when nobody could register that started in 2018. I definitely had a lot of fun on the original forum. Stuff like the roleplays and when we used to organize anime movie nights.

As for my experience with Gundam, I watched and loved G Gundam back in the Toonami days. However, it was around 2011 back in college that I got into Gundam hard with War in the Pocket and a lot of manga like Ecole Du Ciel, The Plot to Assassinate Gihren, and Origin. And I’ve really been a big fan of the Universal Century stories ever since. The original 0079 is at this point is one of my favorite anime at this point; the ambition in the kind of story it was trying to tell at the time for it’s kind of show never ceases to amaze me. And I have enjoyed Iron Blooded Orphans and the original Build Fighters. And in the past years I’ve been one and off phases of doing the model kits, especially since High Grades are so cheap and have so much variety.

And I guess a little bit about myself. I’m a trans woman and a lesbian in her 20’s. I live in the US. In a loving relationship. Some of my other hobbies outside of gundam are anime in general, video games, reading, research, comics, non-model figure collecting, board and card games, tabletop and pen and paper RPGs, bowling, and theater.

Anyway, I’m definitely happy to see Gundam Forums is back and glad to be part of this community again.

It’s been awhile. Good to see you again.

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