GnZaku and SilverFrameAstray

I was wondering if anyone here knew where GNZ and SFA went. I find myself posting less since they kind of disappeared. I really wish they would come back. If this is in the wrong section please move it I just didn’t know where to put it

I’m still occasionally in touch with SFA (we live about 45 minutes apart) but GNZ is busy with school and other things. He very occasionally pops on to do some mod work, but other than that, it’s just me these days.

Squeam never posts either, what’s that about?

Really miss those guys…barrel of laughs the mods. lol

Ah, squeam resigned a ways back, actually.

I do miss those guys, the forums isn’t the same without them

Really? Gosh, things have changed. So GNZ and SFA are still active mods, right?

squeam resigned?! Wow…our mods are drying up quick. :frowning:

Raises a Glass

Heres to you Mods…keeping the forums safe…one spambot at a time…

Wow, guess m1ck3y hasn’t removed his mod powers yet…damn, looks like Kenico or myself might be drafted due to how often we is online haha.

I hope so, :3

We could really use someone deleting all those spam messages, threads and such

Hey you don’t even know how much I get on I just don’t post much due to the absence of many of my favorite people from this forum. I get on at least 8 times a day

I’m gonna give this a 6 year old bump because I miss you guys. I was coming over to check in and was searching for my account and came across this thread. ALL OF MY EMOTIONS

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I may not have been here before when this thread was made, but I’m glad to see you back! How are things? I’m sure a lot has happened since this thread was started!

In-between moving into a new place and about to move out again in the spring, a career change and just picked up more hobbies than there are days of the week! The last kit I built was a MG Destiny Impulse about 5 months ago. Its nice to be back, I’m just checking out the new stuff and seeing who all has joined.

Nice, I’m glad to hear everything’s going well! And there’s a few of us poking around, I’m one of the newer members. XD But I hope you’ll be around more often now!!

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