This is my GNT-Sinanju custom build I did a few years ago. I swapped out the fuel tanks for GN drives from 00. It’s hand painted but I have tremors in my hands so I did my best. I used the Buster Rifle from Wing Zero and created what I call the “Zero End” rifle. This is my personal Gundam I would use.


So, you have tremors in your hands? I honestly can’t tell based on this paint job. The paint looks really good with clean and crisp lines on the sleeves markings. It’s also a very good mashup of parts from different kits, and that gun is intense. Especially with the bazooka attached. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more kits from you.


As a big fan of the Sinanju, I think this looks awesome. You did a great job with it!

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That is very badass looking. Very well done and awesome job on the paint, couldn’t even tell you have tremors.

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Thanks a lot. This was my very first attempt at a custom build. It’s mostly just the prototype version of it. I’m just learning to airbrush. I plan to do a full rebuild of it once my skill level is high enough and make the other two versions of it rolling around in my head.

Sounds like what I did with my Stein Custom build that I did. Wanted to do it justice, so I waited til I was confident enough in my skills to achieve it.