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yeah really deviates from the original design of the RX-78-2

HGUC RX-124 TR-6 Haze’n-thley II Sample Images:

HGUC Mudrock RX-78-6 Sample Images:

HGUC GM Sniper Custom Missile Launcher Equipment Sample Image:

HGUC RX-104 Penelope Sample Image:

HGFC Death Army Sample Image:

New Sangoku Soketsuden kits:

Skipped bunch of Build Divers Re:Rise stuffs and some SD Cross Silhouette stuffs.

Oh, Plamobot, Haropla Diva Red incoming.

Finally, Dalong have review for the MG Gunner Zaku Warrior Lunarmaria Hawke Custom up. It looks chunkier (thicker?) than the old 1/100 version and the head looks smaller too. To be honest, the boxart looked a lot better than the kit and the kit do not do the boxart justice.

Saw it somewhere, that there will be new Haropla Basic Green #12, with more details upcoming.

Also, check out the HLJ show report, lot of goodies incoming…as long as the final products are the same as shown. Plenty of pictures. You might not want to view them with cell phone or tablet with data plan.

Eh, nothing really interesting IMO. The best thing here is the Death Army that ended up getting made thanks to Build Divers ReRise using a custom version of it. If anything I’ll be looking forward to what else can be reverse-engineered from that show way more.

RE/100 Gun-EZ Prototype Rollout Colors:

HGAC Leo Full Weapons Set:

that leo weapon set looks really awesome, just sucks that it’s a P-bandai though. Might still get it though if its at a reasonable price.

The set is basically the combination of the previous Space Unit and Flight Unit into one kit and green color. Still, pretty cool.

In other new:
Zakubot!!! (Should copyright the phrase if it had not been used before)

Eyeglasses storage?:

HGUC Mudrock again:

I remember seeing the vid for that zaku on youtube. Looked pretty cool when I first saw it.

It does. Mono eye moves too. Though it might function and move like all those other programable robots, just with Zaku “skin”. The thing is, if you looked at the video in the link, it shows the normal Zaku looking set, so the spider like legs and the tank lower body parts might be extra purchase, or another more premium set. Furthermore, the hanger part and the 3 little characters are definitely going to cost extra. Still, kind cool and might look into that further.

Anyway, just got an e-mail from Bluefin, apparently, they are having the Leo Full Weapon Set for preorder along with the black version of Mazinger Infinity. So get, or rather preorder, while you can…

MG Barbatos delayed:

Update with boxart for Penelope:

Update with boxart, not much of it though, for HiRM God Gundam:

Sucks that the Barbatos was delayed. But I’m ok with it. gives me time to complete a few more kits before then.

The boxart for the Penelope is stunning. Worth framing even.

Blue Fin is finally getting a non-Wing P-Bandai kit.

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I still keen on MG Rx78

Not to steal CaptainxChar’s thunder, but the November lineup for those that prefer just pictures or having trouble with Youtube videos:

P-Bandai HGUC GM Guard Custom with E-2 Beam Spray Gun:

P-Bandai HGUC Doug Schneid Custom Efreet:

P-Bandai HGUC Slave Wraith Parachute Pack Unit:

P-Bandai HGUC Fred Reaver Gundam Pixy:

P-Bandai HGUC GM Ground Type Parachute Pack Unit:

More P-Bandai HGUC Mudrock Gundam info:

Bandai’s plan about releasing more side stories kits:

SDCS Wing Zero Custom:

Gundam Build Divers:R kits:

HGFC Death Army boxart:

Re-release of EX kits at Gundam Base and most likely normal retailer:

P-Bandai RG Phenex Gundam:

SD Hello Kitty x RX-78-2:

HGPG Petit’gguy Justy Guy:

Some weird RX-78-2 sculpture:

Iron-Blooded Orphans coming to Netflix:

As mentioned in another post, RG Evangelion 01:

P-Bandai: Metal Build Gundam Astraea High Mobility Test Type Equipment Parts:

P-Bandai MG Blast Impulse Gundam release info, pretty much the same as before though:

P-Bandai HGUC Sinanju Stein Unicorn version:

Almost forgot, the Wing Gundam Snow White Prelude, it was speculated not to be the final form yet:

Oh and Dalong have review for HGUC Penelope up already, that kit is massive!

At MG size even without its armor

Varguil and Eldorado Daughtress are coming… and they’re P-Bandai :confused:

I definitely want to get the Varguil, and I find it funny how the Daughtress made its first appearance in yesterdays episode and now it has a kit coming out.

I Will most likely be getting the Varguil. Love that suit.

Just dropping more links, do not feel like typing too much today.

Holy cow I cannot wait for that P-Bandai Efreet. I complained for years that the Efreet had no love, now we have like 5 or 6 kits for it.

So am I correct in assuming the Efreet Schneid in Unicorn is this same one Doug Schneid piloted on the PS3 game?

Yes you are correct. The Gundam Unicorn Efreet Schneid is the same Efreet that was piloted by Doug Schneid. After Doug’s death during combat the Gundam Pixie pilot (Fred Reber) took Doug’s Efreet and continued to pilot and modify it up until the Gundam Unicorn conflict.

On a side note. The Doug Schneid Efreet kit should come with extra parts from the gouf custom and kampfer kits.

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Kind of strange how a Federation pilot(Fred Reber) ends up fighting with zeon remnants against the Federation.

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