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Lawlz. At least there isn’t a Desu gundam. Then the world would be ruined as a whole.

Indeed…but…what if there was a divided by zero gundam? Would it involve corn as a primary weapon??

That’s the secret of Laplace’s box! :lol:

Even though half of that joke would only be understood by me, I’m going to return the confusion.

Corn is not the answer. CRON dude. CRON.

Yeah. How about you transfer this joke of yours to a new thread instead of derailing this one?

Zeta, we aren’t derailing this thread. We haven’t changed the topic, and we went on about one joke. We didn’t start going off on our list of jokes and change the conversation, nor did we sage.

You have been being quite the thread nazi lately, please calm down. I’m not meaning to start arguing or a feud, but you’ve been being a bit crass.

Just happened upon this new release: … ?mid=59214

I love the Dijeh a lot and like this neat-o combination of Kampfer and Dijeh, pirate-style!

This. I love the Dijeh too, man (still waiting for a Dijeh Master Grade). Although to be honest, I’m not a fan of SD kits, but this is good news for Dijeh lovers who are.

I’m not one for SD kit’s either, however I would like to pick up a few “normal” ones, IE: SD exia, SD Stargazer, SD Unicorn… but I hate those ornamental ones from that show.

New GPB kits - a white Hyaku Shiki and a white Sazabi… but the Sazabi will be an online exclusive, apparently.

I still want that Hi-Nu. Only ‘must have’ kit so far for Gunpla Builders for me.

I hope they take on some non-UC kits at some point. I’d like a fresh twist on SEED* or 00 stuff (since at least SEED suits are showing up in the anime)!

*That’s not VS. I’m almost happy it’s over, and normally I’d do anything for more Astray.

>White Sazabi
>Online exclusive


Couldn’t you just use your master painting skills to make a white Sazabi?

Painting with white paint is the bane of my existence. I’ve yet to find a brand that doesn’t completely suck.

Some new kits announced:

There are some rough magazine scans of MG Shenlong out there today. I’m waiting for a more legit source before I pass 'em on.

O yeah, and there is an announcement of an SD Sinanju-no pics yet.

MG Shenlong is for real. Release date is March, I believe 3800 yen.

SD Sinanju is for real. Looks to have a weird alt. mode (typical for SD kits).

MG Wing ver. Ka 2.0 coming in May. HGUC releases of Jegan type Ecoas and Dreissen UC version also announced. Also, the next RG will be the Aile Strike Gundam, gonna be more expensive than the other RGs.

If they can manage a nice head/face on the Aile Strike, I’ll snag it in a heartbeat. The HG 1/144 is almost painfully fugly and I’d like a nice Strike to have on display.

What’s with the strike getting so much love? I honestly never saw it being anything special. I mean, Kira Suits in general seem to get a lot of gunpla love, (IE PG Strike Freedom, MG Strike Freedom, MG Strike variants, ect) and there are a lot of suits that deserve kits or updated kits that seem to be put on the back burner for Kira Suits.