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Some updated information and pictures for HGUC Penelope:

1/1 Char’s Stahlhelm anyone:

Kind of remain me of the 1/1 Power Ranger helmets

More Haro for Plamobot:

But seriously, it is a real ball:D

P-Bandai Freedom Ensemble:

More Exceed Zaku head stuffs:

Finally, not Bandai release, but fun stuff nevertheless:

Updated information about the MG F90 Mission Packs F and M Type:

Looks like they might release some P-Bandai RE/100 F91 Silhouette Formula kits, first one being Vigna-Zirah:

Updated information on MG Gundam Barbatos:

More MG F90 goodies, box art and official images:

Seems like it might have colored box art rather than the two-toned box art like the others.

I’m super excited for the MG Barbatos. I’m really hoping they release a MG Lupus as well down the road.

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That’s what I’m holding out for. I really want an MG Lupus Rex :smile:


I find it funny that the Vigna-Zirah has a proper trigger finger to hold its beam rifle, but the Vigna-Ghina does not.

What I’m really hoping for is that the MG Barbatos comes with everything to make each version but I’m certain it won’t

It might only be P-Bandai, but hot damn are they not done milking the AGE-2 Magnum or what? :thinking:

P-Bandai: HGBD 1/144 Gundam AgeII Magnum SV ver. (FX Plosion)
Release Date: November 2019
Price: 3,300 Yen

Heh, did not noticed that, just gave it a quick look. Maybe because Cecily is not trigger happy, so no need for trigger finger :smiley:

It does show that they are improving the kits, but unfortuantely, this one falls under P-Bandai. It was mentioned that there might be more F90/F91 stuffs, so likely some of the Shilouette Formula ones will make it to either RE/100 or MG. Definitely want to see the F90-Y or F-99 because those seemingly based on F90, but in RE/100 or not will depend on Bandai want to “port” F90 stuffs to that line. Gun-EZ seemed to be doing fairly well.

@Brotherblades Of course not, this is Bandai. They will likely make each version in to a kit, or have “pack” to convert them into the the said version.

@Ronove Again, Bandai!! :smiley:

“Now I am become Death, destroyer of Waifus…” :laughing:

Though it’s only a Gundam Base Tokyo limited edition, I thought it looked creepy so I thought I’d share it lol.

Grrr… P-Bandai HGUC Mudrock

And yes, I skipped other P-Bandai stuffs :stuck_out_tongue:

RG Nu Gundam with Fin Funnel Effects:

Luminous Zaku:

Reissue of RE/100 Gunblaster and MG V2 Assault Buster:

Details of the upcoming MG Heavyarms EW with Igel Equipment:

HGUC Second Victory:

HGBD:R, as they called it, kits and stuffs:

Deails of MG Lunarmaria’s Zaku Warrior (Second link was updated with boxart, the one in the background should be hinting what is coming, probably):

HGUC Penelope:

G Frame stuffs:

Some P-Bandai Stuffs, not kit related:

HGUC Sinanju Stein:

MG Re-GZ Unicorn Version (a bit like Re-GZ 1.5):

HGUC Silver Bullet Funnel Test Type:

HGAC Sandrock with boxart:

Finally, again not kit related, but probably exciting news for some, the upcoming release of Narrative Blu Ray and also mention of Gundam X and SEED Remaster Ultimate Edition Blu Ray:

Thought they do this regularly, but it had been announced that they will be reissuing the Gunpla listed:

Not surprising, but sadly P-Bandai RG Crossbone X2:

New Sangoku Soketsuden kits, somehow more interested in the foot soldiers than the others though:

Following are not kits, but interesting news too.

Updated information of Char’s Stahlhelm:

Make your own seal markings anyone:

Seriously though, you probably can buy from the eBay seller TheHangerBay and get similar looking seals.

Gundam 40th Anniversary book:

Finally, they will be shooting a RX-78-2 and a Zaku into space:

:laughing: Cannot have consecutive replies :rofl::rofl:

Updates with new pictures:

HGUC Penelope:

HGAC Sandrock:

MG Lunamaria Zaku Warrior:

More edit:
Finally, a 1/100 Impulse Blaster, too bad P-Bandai though:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: RX-78-2 G40:

PG Perfect Strike incoming:

Weapons pack via P-Bandai:

MG FAZZ ver Ka:

Here’s the Ken Okuyama designed RX-78-2. Can’t say I like the aesthetics.

yeah really deviates from the original design of the RX-78-2

HGUC RX-124 TR-6 Haze’n-thley II Sample Images:

HGUC Mudrock RX-78-6 Sample Images:

HGUC GM Sniper Custom Missile Launcher Equipment Sample Image:

HGUC RX-104 Penelope Sample Image:

HGFC Death Army Sample Image:

New Sangoku Soketsuden kits:

Skipped bunch of Build Divers Re:Rise stuffs and some SD Cross Silhouette stuffs.

Oh, Plamobot, Haropla Diva Red incoming.

Finally, Dalong have review for the MG Gunner Zaku Warrior Lunarmaria Hawke Custom up. It looks chunkier (thicker?) than the old 1/100 version and the head looks smaller too. To be honest, the boxart looked a lot better than the kit and the kit do not do the boxart justice.

Saw it somewhere, that there will be new Haropla Basic Green #12, with more details upcoming.

Also, check out the HLJ show report, lot of goodies incoming…as long as the final products are the same as shown. Plenty of pictures. You might not want to view them with cell phone or tablet with data plan.

Eh, nothing really interesting IMO. The best thing here is the Death Army that ended up getting made thanks to Build Divers ReRise using a custom version of it. If anything I’ll be looking forward to what else can be reverse-engineered from that show way more.

RE/100 Gun-EZ Prototype Rollout Colors:

HGAC Leo Full Weapons Set:

that leo weapon set looks really awesome, just sucks that it’s a P-bandai though. Might still get it though if its at a reasonable price.

The set is basically the combination of the previous Space Unit and Flight Unit into one kit and green color. Still, pretty cool.

In other new:
Zakubot!!! (Should copyright the phrase if it had not been used before)

Eyeglasses storage?:

HGUC Mudrock again: