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MG: Sandrock EW, Heavyarms EW, Shenlong EW, Deathscythe Hell Custom, GN-X IV.
HG: Noble Gundam, God Gundam Hyper Mode, Gundam X-Divider, GM Custom, Gouf Custom, Extreme Gundam, Brave, Brave Commander, Forever Gundam.

Oh yes, looks like 30th anniversary year gonna end with a bang!

Oh God, my poor wallet =/

I want to see a Taurus HG from Gundam Wing. They had made one quite a while back, but it was a limited edition and wasn’t very good. Oh and having the Leo’s come back wouldn’t be too bad either.

As far as MG goes I’d like to see Turn X be made.


Pics from All-Japan Hobby Mokei show. Check out CyberGundam’s blog.

HG X Divider and Noble Gundam are possible purchases for me, since I like both designs and since neither seems likely to get a Master Grade any time soon. MG 00 Quanta is a lead Gundam, so it’s a definite at some point. Deathscythe Hell custom I may get at some point, but I won’t be in any rush. As for the Katoki/EW reimaginings of the initial Gundam Wing TV suits, I could care less. If they were to make MG TV versions, like the excellent Wing Gundam (which I’m currently building; pics will be posted upon completion), I’d buy those in a heartbeat. Ditto for TV Wing Zero, Tallgeese, and (especially) Epyon.

Side Note: For some reason I’ve always preferred the TV versions of the Wing suits over EW’s. EW’s Gundam Nataku Custom and Heavy Arms Custom are the only ones I really prefer over the TV designs (I like both the TV Wing Zero and EW Wing Zero equally for very different reasons).

I have been waiing sooo long for a Noble Gundam kt of any type, that I can’t wait to get the new HG! I’m not even a big fan of G Gundam. Gundam Wing kits don’t really excite me, with the exception of the MG Wing and the new Deathscythe Hell. The Forever Gundam looks cool, like a cross between ZZ and Freedom, but I don’t know…it looks like yet another HGUC Gundam G30-which IS a great kit-that has more parts stuck on it, still undecided about purchasing it.

Have you seen the off-white color Hyaku Shiki HG from GPB? That looks interesting-no ‘mekki’ gold plating!

there is one MG that I did not see anyone here list and that is the OO Qan[T] and here’s a link for anyone wanting a taste of the new Gunpla. … nplas.html

CyberGundam posted some magazine scans that show some “Gundam Musou 3” or “Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3” screenshots. Playable characters of note this time seem to include the SINANJU!!!, Deathscythe and GP02A.

TGS previews indicated that all the playable suits from dwg2 will return as well.

Oops! I guess I should have listed DWG3 news in the “Other Gundam News” section. I’ll do that from now on

Oh man. I am going to get a sandrock in a heartbeat. A HEARTBEAT!

You just love everything except Gelgoog and Nataku/Shenlong, don’t you? I can’t wait for that heavy arms. He was always one of my favorites from Wing and I love the Ver Ka. CAN’T WAIT!!!

I have a ton of epic HeavyArms pictures. Sandrock is more the underdog I think. Less favoritism.

I’m gonna have to steal some of those from you. And as for Sandrock, he still holds favs over Nataku/Shenlong.

Well that’s because you don’t give the chinese Giant Japanese Robots.

lololololololololololol! So does anyone else here hate Wufei and Nataku?

I dislike Wufei, but I like Nataku quite a bit (especially the EW Custom version that dukes it out with Wing Zero Custom).

Bear Acguy.

It’s just… so… cute~.

That’s the Gunpla designed to be strapped to firecrackers. :twisted: