Glass sanding tool

ok, so at one point usa gundam store sold an all glass tool designed for sanding down plastic parts…does anyone remember what its called or where I can find it?

Dspiae glass files, looks like they’re out of stock rn.

well shtacko… I need new sanding/polishing impliments and decided glass would be a good idea as its wash clean to reuse…

would one of these make an acceptable substitute?

1- Crystal Glass Nail File - G.Liane

2- glass nail shiner

Never thought of using glass. Honestly, the best way to know. Is to just try it.

this one works.

fair warning to all users, FEEL each file to determine which one is which before use. they DO wash clean but the small one at the bottom of the case WILL clog pretty easily.

Good to know. How do they work on sanding though?

very well. they(the ‘shaping’ aka sanding sticks) CAN clog at times but a quick rinse and pat down with paper towels sorts them out. the smoothing and polishing bars are effective…as in mirror shine effective. same care, less prone to clogging.

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