Glad to finally be able to join!

I thought I’d never be able to with the broken capcha that plagued the old forum registration lol

Been a Gundam fan since the Wing Toonami days and recently got back into the hobby. I’ll be sharing a lot of my Gundam related toy photography!

Both kits

and figures

I also do non Gundam Bandai kits like Star Wars

and if you want to see more of my work, I’m always posting new stuff to my IG


They look Awesome!! and Welcome!

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Welcome to the forums and these are beautiful shots! I love the Star Wars ones

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Thanks guys :smile:

Some amazing work! Glad to have you aboard.

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ShootingtheGalaxy, your work is absolutely killer man! Anyone else here for #Charmonth??


Thank you guys :smiley:

Wow fantastic pictures, if you enjoyed Gundam Wing then you would probably be interested in my After Colony mobile weapon classification system.

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That sounds cool. Where can I find that?

My Gundam Forums post here briefly describes these and has links to those blog posts on the Gundam wiki.