Giving my gunpla stuff away

Hello, I started to get into gunpla several years ago and I finished several kits and I had planned to go back a paint them but I never got around to it and the process in way to tedious for me. So I am giving them away.

I have a new tallgeese iii, barbarous 1/100, random parts from a kimaris booster that I broke. A gundam astraea type f, arx silver bullet, and a legend gundam.

I rather give this to someone then throw them away

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Why not just sell them? Better to get a few bucks for something else.

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That is mighty nice of you.

Although, for whatever reasons, more interested in couple of the boxes that you have, not that the kits were not good…

I would be happy to acquire some of that stuff. Happy to pay shipping or whaterver.

Wait is that a silver bullet is that still available?


Cool one guy asked about the sliver bullet but you can have the rest if you want

I was kind of eyeing the Silver Bullet also.

How are you looking to sell it for?

No bidding war necessary. All yours

Ill DM you then

My email

Do you still want any of the kits minus the sliver bullet?

Can i get a better pic of them?