Ginga Bishōnen's WiP Thread

As promised, I started a WiP thread and 1st up is the Re-GZ. As I had previously mentioned, my Canon T3i is broken and I just gave it to my camera repairman yesterday to fix it up. However, I needed a camera to shoot a school assignment with tomorrow so I rented one from him and decided to take some photos to get used to it (its a Nikon D3100, I’ve never used a Nikon before). Anyways here are the photos I took of my incomplete Re-GZ. I have built the head, torso, three of the limbs, and shield so far. I still need to build the last leg, build its BWS, and panel line/decal it.

Awesome! Here’s a kit that for some reason always was out of reach for me. I ended up selling the conversion for it since i could never find one for a decent price. :confused:

I got mine fairly cheap on ebay along with a MG GP03S in a two model lot. It was $68 if I remember right. Was your conversion kit to make a resin Re-GZ or to make it another mobile suit?

I got mine fairly cheap on ebay along with a MG GP03S in a two model lot. It was $65 if I remember right. Was your conversion kit to make a resin Re-GZ or to make it another mobile suit?

Yea it was to making a sexier looking re gz.

ooh, that is pretty. wish it hid the grey hinge that connects the cockpit door to the torso though. it makes the model look like a cheap toy.

Hello dudes, I have been going to downtown LA all this week for a photo job so I haven’t been able to work on my MG Re-GZ (will work on it this weekend for sure). However I did manage to find the time to make this SD Gundam Alex, as well as spray paint it. However, I need some help to finish it. I have actually never built a SD Gundam model before so I was wondering what do y’all use to panel line a SD? My Gundam marker liner, my Sharpie liner, and my art pencils arent thin enough to do most of the lines.

You can try a wash. Much easier to apply and not that difficult to do.

Well dudes, something terrible happened to me 2 days ago. i had just finally finished the Re-GZ’s missing leg, and i was feeling so good about it that i decided to go ahead and finish the BWS as well. So I went to get me some snacks for the long haul and when I got up, I ended up hitting my worktable in the garage pretty hard, which shook the drawer next to it, sending a sledge hammer that was on top of it flying. Guess where it landed?
Right on my Re-GZ. It ended up braking about 15 pieces and now I have to get replacement parts shipped to me. So now I am gonna put the Re-GZ build on hold, probably for a LONG time due to anger and frustration. I decided to go ahead and start a new model from my backlog, the MG Kampfer. The 1st thing I decided was to paint the kit new colors, since I hate the ugly looking blue-green of the main body, and the ugly orange-yellow of the thrusters. I decided to repaint the grey inner frame white, and the blue-green main body black cherry, a color that i have been saving for just the right kit. i have left the light blue pieces the same (still not sure whether or not to paint them a new color or leave them as they are) and have not decided what color to paint the thrusters. I am thinking about painting them gold, the same gold as the MG Zaku II that I showcased in my finished gunpla collection. Anyways here is the partially completed right arm. BTW the camera doesn’t really do the black cherry justice. it is a much more beautiful color in person.

PS yes i popped the Kampfer arm right onto my MG Z’gok. He was SO happy to finally have fingers. He also got mad when I took them away.

Is it wrong that i wished you took a pic of it right after the incident? Curiosity demands it lol Sorry to hear about that though in all seriousness. Where are you getting your replacement parts from?

Oh man. Sorry to hear about your. It’s always a blow to the heart when something like that happens. I’m right there with you on the Kampfer. I have one and the 1st thing I noticed was how ugly the armor was.

Oh man, I have a bottle of a black cherry-esque paint that I used for my 1/144 Sinanju. It’s gorgeous and I cannot for the life of me get a decent picture of it.

That black cherry paint is looking mighty interesting. Makes me want to find some of it now. Or perhaps mix my own, if it’s at all possible.

It is sounding tempting. Might have to try to find some of this. Who makes it?

For my zoids and some of my HG and NG model kits, I use car touch up spray paint. i get it very cheap at my local swap-meet. $1 for a large can, .50 for a small one. it gets the job done for any model that doesnt have many panel lines or much detail on it. the brand is duplicolor. i wouldnt recommend it for detailed, panel lined as hell suits. air or handbrush those.

PS if you want an example of how a finished product comes out using this spray paint look at my completed Zaku II in my Gunpla collection, or my Iron Kong or Zaber Fang in my non-Gundam model collection.

thx man, and dear god was that armor ugly. on the box art the colors looked nice, then i opened it out and felt cheated. they had to go.

man, its still too painful to take a picture of. maybe later i will but not now. anyways, i dont know yet where i will buy the parts from. i dont plan on buying them any time soon. i do know of many websites that sell replacement parts though, in case you were gonna give me some advice. this aint the 1st time i break a part…

well i just finished up the left arm and one each of the shotgun, the bazooka, and the rpg. i was planning on doing more tonight, but i stabbed my thumb pretty badly trying to open up part of the left forearm since i had forgotten to put in a Polycap so i am calling it a day due to the pain.

All in a day’s work :slight_smile: You have to hurt yourself at least once while working on a kit.

oh, i hurt myself at least 6 times per kit. i inherited my fathers clumsiness. not as bad as him though. i still havent cut off one of my fingers like he has…twice.

Well first of all, I would like to clarify for those of you who might of wondered why I mentioned my father cutting off his fingers so casually, he did get them reattached and they work fine, so its all good.

Anyways, I managed to get the torso and hips of my Kampfer done today, as well the chain mine. I sprayed painted the parts whenever a commercial break took place during the NBA playoff game between my Spurs and the Lakers (woo, we won!!!). I decided to paint the light blue parts of the model after all, and settled on forest green. I also could not decide what color to paint the thrusters, so I am leaving them the same for now. Kampfer’s torso was a joy to build, probably my favorite MG torso ever.

That’s an interesting color scheme. Can’t wait to see it all built up and ready for a photoshoot.