Ginga Bishōnen's non-Gundam models and figures

Hello folks, I will be uploading some of my Gundam model/figure collection over this weekend, but first I will need to dust them off. I have been neglecting my poor Gunpla. In the mean time here’s some of my non-Gundam models and figures. These managed to stay relatively clean due to them being in a bookshelf. First up is my Iron Kong from Zoids. It’s the Hasbro version so it came with the bonus weapons pack. I sprayed painted it today (sob I sold my air compresser and airbrush tools last year to pay for a repair on my Canon t3i sob) white, gunmetal grey, and silver, from its original brick red and dark grey. It came out pretty well, still need to panel line it, as well as fix the crack I made in the middle of its forehead while taking it apart. I will probably do that over the weekend.

Here’s my robot spirits Devilfish figure, hung up terribly until my stand comes in next week. I ordered it alongside my PG Strike Freedom and MG Re-GZ and Crossbone Full Cloth. It is my favorite non-Gundam mecha of all time.

Last upload for the night. This is my robot spirits Tauburn figure. It is SO pretty and DAZZLING. Pain in the ass to pose, which is why I got it in such a lame one. For those of you unfamiliar with the series Star Driver, this mech, Tauburn, is piloted by none other than yours truly, Ginga Bishōnen, so it’s special in my heart.

Note: just noticed after I finished uploading the photos that I was watching Seed when I took these photos. DAMMIT JESUS, YOU NEVER LET ANYONE HAVE THE SPOTLIGHT!!

Aside from that forehead snafu, your Iron Kong looks nice. Are the weapons painted as well?

Also, are those Robot Spirits figures painted or no?

yeah, the weapons are painted. the robot spirits arent painted. however, if i never get another airbrush kit ill probably touch up the devilfish. There are certain spots that need it, especially in the back of the mech. The Tauburn is nearly perfect. It’s one of the best paint jobs I’ve seen on a factory made, mass produced figure.

Yeah, some Robot Spirits figures have awesome paint jobs. The RD Sinanju is another example and it’s good enough for me to not want the kit versions.

How are you planning on fixing up the Iron Kong’s forehead?

Yeah, I love the Robot Spirits line. I will be posting a couple of the other figures I have from it in a bit.

I will be probably just put some modeling putty in it, then make it smooth and then respray it.

Howdy folks, another non Gundam model showcase. This time it is the Black Impact Blade Liger from Zoids: Fuzors, my least favorite Zoids series hands down. Still a pretty nice model. Anyways here is it.

PS I love the claws and fangs. Solid metal. Nice touch.

The paint job on that Liger reminds me of my DCS Shield Liger, which does look pretty darn good. It’s the kind of paint that gives it that feel of a weapon.

Hello there, this is the first of three new additions to this collection. First up is the Zaber Fang from Zoids. The spray painting job I did on this model I consider to be my best ever. The photos don’t do it justice in my humble opinion. The paint job is very clean and smooth. I got the colors from a different Zoid, the King Liger.

My second upload of the day. This is the Vincent Commander Model from Code Geass. It is a 1/35 scale model from Bandai. The Vincent is my favorite Knightmare from Code Geass, and although I prefer the original gold and red, I think the commander’s colors are pretty nice as well. It is a nice kit, very inexpensive as well (I don’t know if I’m allowed to post where it can be found so cheap). I always put off painting the MVS lances red, but I think I will soon.

The last upload for the day, the Shinkiro from Code Geass. This is from the Robot Spirits line, my favorite action figure line. I got it in a super bargain deal, along with Robot Spirits of the Nirvash type THE END from Eureka 7 and the Altair from Zegapain (I will upload those some time in the near future). I got all 3 of them for about the price of just one of them. Of the three the Shinkiro is my least favorite. It is just too plain, and didnt come with many accessories. Just the boring energy shield and a weird staff I dont remember it using in the series. I would of liked if it came with a special effect of its Structural Phase Transition Cannon.

edit WOW, just looked at the instructions for the first time ever. Apparently it can transform like in the anime. I feel rather silly for not knowing this, since I have had it for about half a year now. Gonna try it out later on tonight.

I will be doing a couple of new showcases soon. Having problems with my beloved Canon T3i.

Howdy folks, been awhile since my last showcase on this thread. This time I will be showing my Master Form Sora figure from Kingdom Hearts II. The Kingdom Hearts series is one of my favorite video game series of all time. Of all the forms Sora gains in the game, the Master Form is my favorite, both in appearance and in gameplay. I was very happy when my ex-Girlfriend got me this for my B-Day a few years ago and I still have it even after our terrible break-up cuz I love it so much.

note Give us Kingdom Hearts III already Square Unix. Damn.

man just saw the view count on this thread. 666. i am scared.

Hello folks, been awhile since my last update on this thread. Anyways, here is my Pteramander from Zoids. I painted the model dark emerald and beige, over its original dull blue and grey.