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Is there no chance that we can access the old forum to export PM and what not?

Sorry if posted at wrong thread.

Unfortunately all the PM data is encrypted and when we moved the forum over we couldn’t bring that data over.

Well, as mentioned to D305miyayo, the change was all too sudden. Was using the old forum just hours before the changeover. There was no warning at all. Wish there was, at least would have time to export the PM and such. But :expressionless:

If I may ask why was the “old” forum and all the stuff on it wiped??? It’s almost as if an old friend suddenly DIED!!!


Dom here. I had problems creating a new account when using chrome.

Ran into this message over and over again. I managed to make this account using incognito mode.

Not that it was not entertaining, but are normal users supposed to see the “mod lounge” posts? That or we had gain total access :slight_smile:

Actually browsed before signed in, so it was actually open to everyone, user or not.

Hi we took over and we could not move over all the info into the new servers right now. We are working to get all the old info from old servers. We will be adding more to the forum and updating it as the next few weeks come :slight_smile:

Thank you we will get that fixed

Took awhile, but finally able to get back in. What platform is the forum using now? And on of the most requested items to be added, has always been a chat box.

It took me a long while for it to show up in my updated email but i too am back. First off i would like to thank the staff at USA GUndam store for helping me out #GSAMSUCCESSORSFTW. Second, It’s nice to hear the site is not only being saved, but by some guys who have good affordable and quality items. Thanks for the save and looking forward to the future!!!

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Just a quick update it seems accounts associated with hotmail are blocking our emails so if you trying to recover or create an account just be patient. We are working to fix this but other email providers should work in the mean time.

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as someone who had this problem i can attest. On another topic, i noticed several threads are missing from the old site. will they be back up or…?

Huh, interesting. Just had access to the old forum about 10 minutes or so back. Backed up the PMs :smiley:

This is senior member Zeta reporting in. I had to create a new account. For some reason I couldn’t log into the new site using my old username and password. I tried resetting my password, but I had yet to receive an email. It could be possible that my old account is tied to a very old email address I don’t use anymore ( switched over to a gmail account a few months ago).

So… we’re under new management now? Neat. Got to say, like the new look. Navigating the site will take some get used to though.


If you give the staff your updated email they can send you the password reset link for you…at least they did that for me which shows how helpful they are :3

Send an email to and he can get it fixed.

Thanks Adam.