General Role Play Guideline.

I feel like this is probably easiest on both me and the reader if I do this as a listed set, rather than a wall of text.

  1. There will always be two threads for any RP. One is for the actual RP itself, and the other is to discuss or ask about it without interfering with the RP’s atmosphere.

  2. You should try to not make your character like yourself, and definitely do not make your character a Mary Sue (perfect characters who never lose, so no Jesus Yamato) You will make your character in the discussion thread. Here you will post your character, a short background on him, his personality type, his appearance and so on. It is up to the creator of the RP whether you can choose your own MS or are given a set MS.

  3. Do not kill off other people’s characters in a DMless RP. You may go into the discussion thread about the RP and ask the member’s permission, but do not take it upon yourself to make such a drastic story change.

  4. It is important as a writing element, to make decisions and act as your CHARACTER would, and not how YOU would.

  5. The story will be led by whoever made the RP, or by the designated DM. They make the chapters, and decide what the objective is for each one. Also do not take it upon yourself to do a drastic story change without asking first. If you are going to decide that your character will be a traitor and/or evil and you wish to do it as a surprise, consider before posting how you are going to go about it. You can make it shocking, just try not to ruin the idea of the story for anyone else.

  6. Correct spelling and grammar is most crucial here. Just as writing a fan-fic, you want a clean and legible representation to all readers. Be sure to reread your post and edit it before posting. Check for misspelled words with the forum’s integrated spellcheck. Words like Gelgoog and Bawoo will clearly not be “words”, but check every red underlined word.

  7. The RP will not usually happen in real time as any other usually would. The RP controller (DM or starter) will make the entry post and set the atmosphere for the RP. Give the background, events leading up to the event you are about to partake in, and then a rough guideline of what the characters are working for. Then you will make your character entry post. Try to write your entry post to where it wouldn’t be conflicting with other members, as it takes time to write out your first post, and then see other people’s after posting (i.e. if you say your character was the first person to charge into battle on the entry post, there could be two or three other characters who say the same thing. You would have to edit your post to either have not gone in first, or everyone would edit that they charged in together).

Further rules will be made in the discussion thread for an RP by the RP controller.

Woah we’re getting a Role Play section? Yes, yes, YESSSS.

There was a cool Gundam RP fourm I joined but it was pretty much dead when I joined but they had a good set up, didn’t really get to play to much though.

not much for RP but i think i can give this a shot. count me in when the whole thing launches.

As with me! Super excited!

So post your charictar here hey? Any particular Universe? Or can I just stick him in what ever universe? (I’m going to go with U.C most likely anyways.

If I am to understand the RP rules, the universe will be up to the DM of that particular arc. I imagine there will be arcs set in all of the gundam universes. I have several characters in mind, depending on the universe, and am super excited to get started :smiley:

Question: what if instead of setting RPs in multiple universes of Gundam, why not create a universe in which all the mobile suits (grunt suits, specialty suits, Gundams, etc.), weapons, equipment, colony types, starship types, Etc. exist? its like pullin a Turn A except your adding the Cosimic Era, Ano domini Era, Advanced generation Era to the other universes, and theres no deal which the Turn A Zapped all the tech into oblivion. think DWG with Role Playing. did all that make any lick of sense? lol

Actually, it did. Sounds interesting, definitely.

You see the pros and cons behind it is:

Pros: A) You dont have to have mulitple accounts in multipe RP universes for each Gundam AU, just one profile will do (that way you wont confuse your storylines, itll be just one)
B) If the God Mod DMs go in this direction, and of course allow players to create their own custom MS, that would allow players multiple combos of parts, weapons, equipment, MS, ETC. this would allow the player to have their own unique style of combat, stats, advantages, disadvantages, and of course a very unique Mobile suit all their own (including custom names lol). and of course it doesnt hurt that it would be awesome!

    C) it allows not only the DMs, but the players to be creative in RPing in a way you couldnt do in the other Gundam AUs, youd have to follow the rules of that particular universe in order to make it work. in a Singular Universe like i have proposed, a DM can create multiple senarios, multiple storylines, and miryads of experiences that players can truly enjoy. example, in the UC Universe, youd could only focus on the Earth Sphere and the only other planets that you could visit is Mars and Jupiter. But with this singulary universe, you could make up more worlds to fight over (and if players wanted to conqure that planet for themslves or for a "Guild", they can either work alone or recriut members of thier faction or freelancers for thier cause. their may be even RTS elements that can be explored in this direction.) and more factions can spring up to fight with other than the earth government and the space government.

Cons: A) If a Mod were to go in this direction, than some player would likely choose the Turn A as their suit and just win all the time, causing the game to suck. though on the other hand if the Mods were to make rules stating that Turn A and Turn X were DM Suits only, than this could remedy that problem. but then the other problem is is that people would have to maintain a stance of professionalism in order to do this right cause in one way or another some ones gonna say that “My Custom Gundam is more powerful than yours!!!” Bit (and i dont mean that in a good way fellas, i mean it in a way a whiney 3rd grader would do it.), and it could get ugly. which is why i reccomend to future DMs that players should choose Base Model, post its sats, and if they want to customise it, theyed have to post their moddifications on the discussion board (think armored Core folks), and in order that starting players dont go off gettin ridculously powerful god suits, have them start off with standard suits (like say a Zaku or GM or what have you), allow them to rack up XP, and a sort of Currency, let them buy parts, upgrades, etc., and if they have the right rank and credits, they can either Sell their old unit, trade it in, or just buy a and new unit and keep their old one as a back up suit.

     B) <_<...>_>...well sadly i dont have a con B, Con A is the only forseeable problem i can assess for this proposed Singular Universe.

these are my pros and cons for a Singular Universe where all the gundam universes are mashed together into one big universe (think Dynasty Warriors Gundam…or Kingdom Hearts…what ever floats your Mobile Suit Carrier lol, with Real time or turn based Strategey and Armored Core Elements mixed with it.) and now i leave the rest up to not only the the other potential players but the mods themselves to do with this as they will lol.

Can we have mobile trace cockpit Guntanks in this mixed universe? LOL (Jks)

Anyhow I think it should be added to the rules, no Turn A, no Turn X, and no Quantizeing…to even out the field, hell Mobile Fighters are kittens compaired to the Turns IMO.

But yeah while I like the mixed universe idea, it should be up to the DM to make what universe it’s in since I’d love to see some OYW Grunt Varient only stuff.

Guntanks controled by Mobile Trace? Hmmm…not a bad idea lol

but yeah its totally left up to the Dm on how the RP is gonna role, but IMO this singlular universe would favor alot of players and clear up any mess and of course it allows the DM to create a wide variety of senarioes (in other words they can be creative than just follow cannon lol)

No need to follow cannon in a universe, I mean I was thinking we can get people together, and make Zeon win for once.

Im in…as long as those heathens the Zabis are not involved!

Yes, yes they are, but there’s no reason why we can’t pull a Char, and just you know make them disapear. (Minus Dozle, he stays)

ive hated the Zabi family for their Roman style of politics: murder and manipulation. but in Dozles case ill make an exception. at least hes one of the two most decent zabis i have come across save Garma. so yeah with the exception of garma and dozel, if the the rest of those heathens go im in lol.

Of all the Zabi’s I prefer Kycilia. Garma seemed like too much of a priss, Dozle seemed like a meathead, and Gihren was a power hungry madman. And Degwin just sucked.

always into the crazy women eh exia?

Kycillia wasn’t that bad ethier IMO.

Thank you! Even with all the side story manga, Kycillia is barely ever mentioned. The most that’s been shown was that she and Jonny Ridden were getting it on.

What other crazy women…oh yeah, Nena and Chara…

Yeah she was more cunning than Dozle (not always a bad thing), but she was still allot better than Garden and Dewing. Oddly enough her death is one of the more satisfying ones, I think it was maybe because Spoilers BOOM HEADSHOT. Well maybe it was Gama’s because that was honestly the best Char quote of all time “You can blame this on the misfortune of your birth,”

Anyhow it seems this is where profiles are posted so here’s my RP character.

Name: Maxwell Shepard (Stole the name from one of my Mass Effect characters lolz)

Age: 26 (as of U.C.0079)

Faction: Principality of Zeon

Preferred Mobile Suit: Zudah or the Zaku for early OYW, Gyan (or the Gelgoog, or other Gyan Variants) for late OYW after that

Color Scheme: Black and Dark Blue with white accents

Rank: (I think this will vary depending on the DM’s RP, but if it’s up to me in that RP it’ll most likely be something just one or two ranks above Lieutenant)

Personality: Calm, cool and collected, can have a temper if pushed to far

History: Born in Side 3 to John, and Hannah Shepard in U.C.0053 he grew up in the hart of Zeon territory, his father served under Zeon Deikun before the Zabi’s took over, and he enlisted into the Zeon’s officers academy at the age of 17. He showed a natural aptitude With fighter piloting, and had an interest in the early phases of the development of mobile suits, and became a test pilot, for both the MS-04 Zaku I Prototype, and the EMS-04 Zudah (he survived it by knowing the let the reactor cool sufficiently during long test boosting streaks) he gave both suits the seal of approval by stating “Give the Zudah to those with the aptitude to pilot it, give the rest of them a Zaku, it’s a solid machine, but will be outdated if the Eddies ever get their hands on one,” of course he was a minority on the matter, and being a fresh recruit he wasn’t taken seriously, despite his piloting aptitude.

He took place in the battle of Loum in the OYW kicked off taking out a solid number of 3 ESEF ships with his MS-04 Zaku painted in his signature Black and Dark Blue with white Accents paint scheme. Earning him the nickname “the black tide”. While his number of 3 downed ships wasn’t as impressive as the 5 Shot down by fellow Ace Char Aznable, or the 4 (or was it also 5) of Johnny Ridden, his superiors quickly took note of his skills, and he was finally stationed at Solomon for the first months of the War under the command of Dozle Zabi, who under his request got him a Zudah.

Being one of the few pilots in the One Year War to pilot the EMS-10 Zudah, a refitted five year old prototype, he earned a reputation for being remarkably fast, and was feared in close combat, opting to go in with a heat hawk instead of the 120MM Zaku Machine Gun. After the Federation Launched the Gundam, and the GM he was sent closer to Earth to hold of the main forces, and was also sent to help with the defense of Odessa, only leavening when an incoming transmission from Dozle told him to “Retreat, as there’s no reason for him to die defending a base which had all ready been of great use” Of course he took a few more feddies down leisurely as he left.

He was also picked to test both the Gyan, and the Gelgoog, opting for the Gyan as it suited his combat style more, even though he leaned towards the Gelgoog in his report as it was “More useful to be a Mass Production suit, as it contained a better arsenal applicable in most situations, compared to the Gyan, which focuses to heavily on close combat for most pilots, and has only a marginal advantage in that area compared to the YMS-14S.”

He also earned a reputation of both Cunning, and Chivalry, leting other aces go when they had mechanical issues, or where in a heavilly dated suit, as to not sully his reputation. He often also makes a point of going after those same people when they where on the battlefield a diffrent time. His mechanical aptitude is also quite reputible, often working on his own suits, and designing a few of his own, most of whom where ethier varients of allready made Zeonic MS, or where to advanced at the time to make it in to Mass Production. Under Dozle whom he considered somewhat of a Father figure (his father dieing when he was only 14) taught him to be an effective leader, and as such he takes allot of Dozle’s leading styles when leading a force of men, like front line inspections, though also with Trickery sometimes compaired to M’Quve’s. Though in one on one, he prefers to be straight foreward leaveing the tricks for the grander scale. (Of course he never lets petty squables get in his way, and sends reinforcements as needed.)