Gbwc 2014

Live competition sites listed below for U.S.
Online website for those who can’t make it to a live location will be available later this year, likely end of summer.

Complete information here:

Anime Central, Chicago, Illinois May 16th – 18th

A-Kon, Dallas, Texas, June 6th– June 8th

Anime Expo, Los Angeles, California July 3rd – July 6th

Otakon, Baltimore Maryland Aug 8th – 10th

NYAF/NYCC, New York Oct 9th – 12th

Oh my, I probably won’t be able to go to any of the shows, but I’m interested in trying online submission…I’d better get some back log out of the way.

None of them anywhere near me. :frowning:

Well, AX is going to be near me as I live near Los Angeles, but I doubt I will enter as I have nowhere near the Gunpla prowess of those who enter in the GBWC.

I would just enter to give it a try, and learn from it.

Entering again at NYCC.

For anyone not near it, you should enter online. Plamocon gives away prizes besides just first place.

Does online start up after the last convention, takes place?

Entering at Dallas A-Kon!

Totally excited x.x

Plus my 2nd Entry comes in today ahhhhh

Also Squee do you happen to know if I enter Plamocon online if I’d be able to enter in the Live Stage? Also I sent you a PM asking a couple of Questions and I’m hoping to hear back from you ><

In the past, they always let you enter both, but if you enter a kit at the live you can’t enter THAT kit for the online portion.