Gatlin guns for master grade sazabi

I see posts on facebook, instagram etc all the time for the guns on sazabi, he is holding one on each sides. I email the person who posts the pics…but never a good response of where to buy them…if anyone knows where to buy those after market guns. let me know…thanks

Not sure if this is what you saw:

But you can find them on eBay, maybe USAGundamStore might have them too.

thanks man! wow, cost half as much as the kit itself

You are welcome. The aftermarket parts, regardless whom makes them, do cost more sometimes. Though keep on looking, the prices on these things go up and down all the time.

thanks man…if you see it cheaper let me know.

btw, if it was resin or metal…i think it would be worth it.

They are plastic with metal detail parts included.

I have them, and they arent cheap.i think i paid $80 for the dual set.
that said, i hear its a miserable build typical of what youd expect from mechanicore. lots of detail though

I understand. Expensive and hard to build. Not good. I bought a aftermarket weapons for gm sniper too. Kit was very hard due very poor instruction pages.

What weapons did you buy?


Oh gotcha. I was curious since there’s several weapons kit available on ebay.