Game of Thrones (TV Only)

Okay, before I start this.

Warn for spoilers out of common decentcy. Also warn about the type of spoiler, be it something like “Plot Diffrence” between the books and the series, or one that only relates to one “Such as Book 5 Spoilers AHEAD!”

So any other fans. (I know Zeta-G is, Thwalker liked my Sig, so I think he is as well)

My wife and I started watching it a few weeks ago. I have been hooked since Season 1 was out on DVD. But never had the time to sit down and watch it til now. We have 3 more episodes to go in Season 3. So far I’m really loving the show, though I wish Kahl Drogo was still around.

Yeah he was a good Character, though I can see why his death was important, it had a big impact on Dany after all.

Yeah, that’s what I told my wife last night. I hated seeing him die like that. But it allowed Dany to have a greater amount of character development. Which she is now my favorite character thus far.

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I’m stuck in a weird place where I’ve watched 3 seasons and I really want to continue reading the books but I don’t want to read anything that might spoil the show lol

I read all of the books that have come out and watched all of Season 1. Loved everything, though I preferred the books just a bit more. I started watching Season 2 last year, but never got past the first episode so I should get started on that.

Yeah I prefer the books as well, then again the books are usually allways better than the adaption.

Some of the changes just make me scratch my head Cheif among them is the following: (Light Novel Spoilers, and Semi-Major TV Series spoilers)

The whole thing with Gendry and Melsandre in season 3…well never happened in the books as there were at least two other surviveing bastards or Robert. I mean it was cool to see Melsandre meet up with Thoros, but aside from that it really screwed up the minor Gendry cameo from when he was smithing for the brotherhood in Book four IIRC, also screws with Beric’s Character a bit as I don’t see him selling out someone for gold like that, R’llhor or no. Then again they kind of screwed that whole thing up with the Brotherhood, skiped allot of it, I mean it was minor in the scope of things, but it was a cool part that fleshed out something that was hyped up all of book two, that being Beric, who was one of my favorite Characters, minor though he was, same with Thoros, and the rest of the brotherhood, I do understand why they skiped it due to time constaints but it was a good few chapters with them IMO.

End of those Spoilers

Otherthings make less sense to me, like (Season 1 Spoilers, Book 1 Spoilers, pretty minor)

The fact that in book One it was Sandor him self who told Sansa about how his face got burned, where as in the series it was Petyr, just dosen’t make any sense, it was a minor change but one that kind of missed out on more of the dynamic Sandor and Sansa had, which was a good one IMO, a bit odd, but it was one of my favorites in the series.

Agree with you there about Sandor. The relationship didn’t feel the same for me in the adaptation. Haven’t gotten a chance to see beyond Season 1 so I can’t comment about the differences with Thoros and the party, haha. I’m curious to see how Lady Stoneheart is portrayed, though.

One thing I did like a lot about the adaptation was Littlefinger. It’s one of those times when seeing an actor play the character makes reading the character in the book that much better. Same applies to Tyrion too.


That said later in the TV series Littlefinger is a little more ruthless, and menaceing than his novel counter part, but yes, he is one of the better actors in there, same with Tyrion, Dlinkage does a great job, he was actually their first choice as Tyrion they didn’t even audition anyone else. Same with Sean Bean for Eddard but they auditioned other people incase he didn’t want the job, but thankfully he did.

One of the reasons I’m glad I saw Season 1 before reading was that I can imagine Dlinkage and Bean in their places in the book lol. That said Le Season 3/Book 2 Spoilers I imagined his scar looking allot worse in the books, not horrid, but more than what it was in the show.

The guy who plays Davos suits him pretty well also, sadly in Season 2 he didn’t get enough time, it’s a bit better in Season 3 though

I have read all the books. I started to watch the shows as I read the books, but stopped when I realized that book 3 was going to be two seasons. I did watch the red wedding episode and it was very good. Loved watching the reaction videos on youtube!!

I’m pretty much going to steer clear of this thread, no offense. I don’t want the show spoiled by readers of the books. While I intend to read them someday, I’m avoiding them for now, so I can have fun attempting to predict the twists and turns with the group of people that I watch it with.

I haven’t read any of the books, but I do know that people who have read them say the books are better. Which they most of the time are. Amy and I are coming up on Red Wedding. I’m rather excited to watch it.

Ah, I remember watching scenes of the Red Wedding. I’ll just say that I like the book version more, haha. Not by much, though. They’re both good overall.

Well with only 3 episodes left to watch for Amy and I, I’d say we’ll probably finish up season 3 either tonight or tomorrow. Then season 4 starts next weekend.

I like to make Darth Vader noises whenever Tywin is being quintessential Tywin on screen. He’s simply that cool. Charles Dance is a wonder to behold in that role. He’s probably my favorite character after Tyrion and the Khaleesi. Arya, Jaime, and Robb are all great too (although pretty much everyone on GoT is entertaining to watch).

SO Book three is split into two on Season 3, damn figured because I’m on ep 8, and they’ve barely goten half way though, makes sense.

Damn, that means season 4 is going to hold the two best parts of the book IMO. Actually the two best parts of the saga thus far IMO.

I wonder what they’ll do for Book 4 and 5 since they take place more or less at the same time, just four focuses on Kings Landing while Five focuses on everywhere else for most of the book. Should be intresting.

Here’s some laughs for you all.

First up is this:

I’d be fine with it because I’d just be like: “Fine, I’ve read the books as well”

And in the video dept: Light Spoilers for All Seaons (No real ones no one here is in Danger)


And GoT as a Sienfeld Sitcom: (It works)


There was one video made during season one that just looped Joffrey being slapped by Tyrion for like 10 minutes. It was fun.

Damn, that sounds great. Someone should make a song out of it like Taking the Hobbits to Isingard (sp) just “You’re giving your sypathies to the STARKS” Smack over and over to the same beat.

Amy and I were able to watch episode 8 last night. So we’ll probably finish up Season 3 tonight. I’m getting super excited about the new season.

Amy also told me that the writer of the books is supposed to be making a new book. But it’s taking him a really long time to do so.