[Game by pics] Your personal top 3-5 of favourite anime characters (Non-Gundam)

Hey :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just got the idea to establish this thread in order for everyone to divulge which anime character they favour most.
However, I’d like to ask you not to list any Gundam characters for this thread pertains to “non-Gundam” and it’d be pretty unfitting to name any Gundam characters.

However, to increase this thread in entertainment, I intend to organise it unexpectedly differently.

You’re not to “reveal” the characters name (or the anime itself, should it turn out difficult for the others to get what the characters name is)

You’re bound to exhibit 3 pics
You’re allowed to upload 5 pics.

To initiate this thread, I’d like you to guess these characters names :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. (Somewhat facilitated to find out)

  1. The hint makes it easier to ascertain

  2. Telling us what the anime it is is enough

Hoping for this to work (and comprehended)

Alright, let me give this one a go…

  1. Spike the pimp
  2. Takamura the perv
  3. Hmmm… I’ve never come across that character before.

Well, since my contribution is only partial, I will refrain from showcasing any favorable characters until #3 has been resolved.

As I would like this thread to continue running, I am just advising everyone to click on the images exposed to the audience …
They are linked to revealing/divulging pages containing the solution

voltes it is your turn :3

I’ll play along. This is in no particular order:

2nd : Roger, the O
4: vegeta, dragonball Z … it’s over nine thousaaaaand !

3 Nicholas Wolfwood Trigun

  1. Walter C. Darnez-Hellsing Ultimate
  2. Nicholas D. Wolfwood-Trigun
  3. Vageta-Dragonball Z

Nr 5 :

FLCL world - pink.

I guess we’ve figured out who who is.

Who’s the next to supply us with pics :3 ?

Here’s my contribution…




Judging from you submitting all those pics, you’re quite a huge samurai fan.

  1. Rorona Zorro.

  2. Seems to be slightly familiar to me, yet I’m unaware what his name is.

Death, katanas are your friend. Graham Ake… I mean, Mr. Bushido approves.

But anyways, hints will be provided upon request.

But of course, I favour Japanese culture, including Samurais’ traditions.

I’ve been swamped… Can’t believe I missed a thread like this.

Okay, too easy.

This one too, maybe.

Not really an anime character. But he was in an anime, so I suppose it counts.

  1. Sgt. Sagura from Full Metal Panic!

  2. I always call him “that brit bastard” from Yu-gi-oh! (If you don’t get why I call him that, watch Yu-gi-oh abridged)

  3. Ken from Street Fighter?

  1. Bakura

  2. Obviously Ken.

It’s actually Ryu. Ken’s clothing is red.

A bunch of my fav’s have been chosen so i’ll choose some to really test you guys

In no order

  1. Ex-D, souichi sugoano.

Taking shots at some of the unanswered ones:

[ul][li] #3 from Deathscythe’s first post: Shin-chan
[/li][li]#2 & 3 from VOLTES swordsman post: Date Masamune and Jubei from Ninja Scroll
[/li][*]#2 from Squee’s post: Recca Hanabishi!!! HELLZ YEAH FLAME OF RECCA! [/ul]

Hmm I don’t know to much about anime but im thinking 1. is Rorona Zorro.
2 and 3 I have no clue.