Future OVA/Series

Based on articles/manga/books you may have read or designs you may have seen, are there any Gundam stories that you’d like to be seen transcribed into series or OVAs?
For me, I’d really like to see an OVA for Hathaway’s Flash and/or Gundam Sentinel. I’m partway done reading Sentinel, and I think the battles and units would look really good animated. I mean, since Unicorn was adapted from a novel into an OVA and a massive product line, this could be an easily reproduced cycle. Once that series has ended, I’m sure Bandai will be pressuring Sunrise to produce another series that’ll bring in revenue in a similar way.

I would like to see Crossbone gundam at least as an ova and there is this manga called Gundam alive that I would like to see translated

Would definitely want to see the Crossbone Gundam manga turned into OVAs. Especially to see the Gump and Gray Stroke (old Judau) in animated glory.

Well, I created a thread about it a while back, I suppose everyone was dumbfounded by it, because there isn’t much info on it.
It’s called Gundam EX A. No idea what it’s about. I think it happens in the way distant future after all the series happen, but I can’t be sure.
What’s cool about it, it has all the series. I just wish we had more information about it. Considering anime gets more international recognition than manga, this is natural.

Also, if any of you remember Char’s Deleted Affair: Portrait of a Young Comet, I’d like to see that as an ova, preferably short.

And other UC works that are novels / manga / whatever, into OVA’s or films.

Hathaway’s Flash, Sentinel and Crossbone are the three that immediately spring to mind.

MSG: Katana is a close one as well, it’d be interesting to see the Striker Custom Animated.

from reading the wiki page it seems that this has no real relation to the Gundam multiverse but the game and that would be non-canon

How I would love a 24 episode series about 00F!

Char’s Counter Attack Beltochika’s Children, Hathaway’s Flash, Gundam Sentinel, Gundam Crossbone, 00F, 00I, 00I 2013, Astray, Gundam 0081 Wrath of Varuna, Gundam Blue Destiny, and Gundam Z Define.

I’d most preferably love to watch an animated version of crossbone.
Same goes for the astray manga (does someone have a translated version of it? I’m not asking for it, I’m just wondering)
Then perhaps :

Those Gundam 00 Mangas everyone labels good (haven’t read them but I trust y’all)

I still wouldn’t mind seeing this as an OVA. I don’t believe there ever has been an OVA based on a game.
My philosophy is, since the respective stories have ended under most of the AUs, such as Wing, it’s impossible to set a new story up without disrupting the flow of the series. It would be interesting to see a crossover OVA, that’s non SD, anyway.

I’d also like to see the SEED movie they had planned, but dropped. It probably would be like a Char’s Counterattack, maybe that’s why it would be nice to see.

anything to Crossbone, Beltorchikas Childrem, all OO Manga, Hathaway’s Flash, Astray, 0081 (I know its a game but hell it would be awesome to have this at best an OVA, though on the other hand it already does kinda), Gundam: the Origin…oh wait that last ones come true :stuck_out_tongue: lol…Gundam X (the Manga sequel cant remember the Subtitle sorry lol), Gundam Wing Glory of the Losers, Gundam Wing Episode Zero, Any Manga involving G Gundam, and of course the Gunpla Builders Mangas lol.

Man I would also like to see Zeonic Front turned into an OVA, similar to MSG: 08th Team.

Also Frozen Teardrop turned into a movie.


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Belechorika’s Children could make a good base for a CCA OVA version. I love CCA but I’ll be the first to admit it would have done better as an OVA about the same length as Unicorn.

They could rely on some of the MSV’s from CCA to help put some new suits in for a few battles, as well as some all new suits, maybe a HAFWS Hi-Nu? They has a MSV of the HAFWS (basically FA) Nu, so it’d work on Hi-Nu as well.

I’m really interested in Ecole du Ciel.

Or how about Gundam Sousei? Is it acceptable? LOL

Blue Destiny or Gundam Sentinel would probably be the best series to make an OVA from.

well you got a point there and it would be different and maybe refreshing