Futubaaoi's finished kits

I had alot of the old Wing NG kits and HG kits in the past, but I never took care them too well… x_x. I treated them like they were something they were not. Back when Toonami was running Gundam Wing and they had those old Gunpla commercials. I only had two HGUC Kits at that time which were the RX-79(G) vs Zaku II set and a Geloog, which I had received as presents. Which also met the same fate at that time.

This was actually my 2nd Master Grade Kit. I had bought this at Otakon in 2005 and also my 1st convention. My first MG kit was RX-79(G) Ground Type gundam, I have photos of it somewhere I can not remember where I backed them up to. I’ll upload them when I find them. With the MG God Gundam I did line it with what I do not remember. It might of been done with a micron Pen.

I actually think I liked this one more then my MG God Gundam. I liked the weight of this kit. I do not believe I painted this kit at all, I did line it.

I have other MGs I have built but I’ll upload the photos, when I can find them.
Not pictured Yet:
Gundam One Year War Ver.
Gundam MK II 2.0
Gundam MK II 2.0 Titans
Zeta 2.0
MG Wing Gundam (TV)

That God Gundam is looking pretty good. For the Shining, it kinda looks like it’s been painted due to how there’s a texture on the white parts. Maybe that’s just panel line smudging?

Yeah, I guess I did paint it. Well attempted to at that time XD. I really did forget.

Haha, must have been a loooong time ago. Or it was a terrible experience. You were painting white, after all, and that’s always a pain.

Both look good. I wouldn’t worry about the white. I thought it was weathering at first.

I think it might of been like in 2006 I can not quite remember, I know I did get the kit sometime after the 1st Zeta I had crotch broke.

Both kits look really good man. God looks very clean. I also would worry about the white. I’d just add some weathering to the kit later on. Would be perfect for that.

A kit from last year’s real big start into gunpla again. The HGAC Wing Gundam the breaks and mistakes made with this one XD. I do wanna purchase another one sometime to see how it goes this time.

It would make for a good comparison should you buy another one, for sure. Plenty of areas for improvement, but other than the smudges, it’s actually not that bad.

I second what Dlinker said. Other than some smudges, it looks pretty good.

It was top coated with a dullcote, a testors one. i also tried a clear coat on the shield but it ended up reactivating the paint. I didn’t realize it until it was too late X_x.

Despite the smudges the kit looks really good. Top coat seems to be something that everyone needs to find their own little niche with. Some types work for some people, and won’t work for others. Keep experimenting and you’ll find the one that works for you. Keep up the good work!

Haha, yeah, you could say that agin, Thwalker!