Futabaaoi's works in Progress

Still a work in progress the HGAC Wing Gundam. This kit got me back into the hobby once again. The Wing Gundam (the 1/144 NG Kit) was the first Gunpla I have ever built, back when they released the Gundam Wing Model Kits when they had those Gundams are Here commercials on Toonami … I still wanna add things to it. Cause I’m just trying to take my nuilding a little further now. Back around when i bought this kit and the HGFC God Gundam. I decided to make a wish list of kits I wanted to build on Gundam Planet (right now currently, a 72 item list) and every main series suit they do release in the HG All Gundam Project. So the Wing Gundam was the starting point (though I got the God Gundam the same day as well). I have had many a botch on this kit.

One the first botches I had happen, was I cracked the face plate part taking it off the runner. Then it split on me. I know how to repair but I decided to leave it there.

This was my next botch I broke the left red wing piece somehow. I think it was when I did an improper panel wash though, not exactly sure, but I know I botched both. I still have places I wanna touch up. So any help would be awesome to get rid of the botchery.

I did try to top coat but I will have to redo it again anyhow weather got it ._.
Next kit photos: God Gundam

Great kit choice. I loved the HGAC Wing Gundam too.
Don’t worry about all those mistakes; at least you have the courage to paint/customize! So far I’m all OOB builds, but I’m panel-lining the kit I’m working on now.

Like lacus said. You will find you groove and things will get better and better.

He’s right about that for sure go compare one of my first models to one of the most recent, tons of difference. It just takes a lot of practice like any kind of art. And of course patience… I’ve messed up my gouf customs paint twice now.

Actually my wip progress has pictures of my first try at white paint in the first post granted the paint was crap but that wing gundam looks way better than that!

Another example was my first attempt at a RG without going I too detail a lot got messed up and it’s now a pile of parts. So don’t worry keep trying! Also I like the work on the WZ so far, I’m sure once you get the kinks worked out it will be fine.

These guys speak the truth man. We all started somewhere. The 1st kits that I put together certainly don’t look like the ones now. We learn something new with every kit. And though you might have mistakes, you’ll learn from it and your next kit will that much better.

All those little mistakes helped you learn more than if you just had a smooth build. It looks good. I honestly can’t find some of those mistakes in the pictures.

Don’t feel bad. We all make mistakes when we’re starting out. We learn from them and make our subsequent kits even better. Look at my Gunpla history thread. I put my stuff in chronological order precisely so people could see my progression over the years.

I wish I could show you my old NG Wing kits but at that time I did not treat them as models… so I have none left, not even a 1/100th scale HG kit. I think I still have some photos of my MGs before I sold them. Before the HGAC Wing Gundam I had the MG RX-79(G), MG God Gundam, MG Zeta (crotch broke), MG Zeta 2.0 (crotch broke), MG Gundam MK-II 2.0 (titans), MG Gundam MKII 2.0(Aeug), and the MG Wing Gundam (TV).

I so know what you mean. Me and my friend used to collect these and play gundam battle with them. Needless to say we were constantly breaking our kits. I even started using them as target practice later on when I got myself a bb gun. There was something so satisfying about seeing a gundam model explode into tiny pieces. I do regret the bb gun thing though!

XD I was not the only one that did that then. Endless Duel did not help the NG Kits very much.

Yeah I used to play that on an emulator all the time. That along with battle assault.

You guys make me wonder what happened to all my old gunpla… honestly think my mom threw them out whenever i decided to live with my dad.

HGFC God Gundam

Like the HGAC Wing Gundam, I did the usual v-fin trimming. I only used a sticker for the eyes on both of these kits. I painted the head sensors. I still have some areas to touch up on it. I moded the skirt so it is no longer one piece on it.

The God Gundam looks very good man. The lining looks a tad rough in a few areas, but that gives it a certain, worn look that really fits the God Gundam. Being a Mobile Fighter and all. Good work man.

The God Gundam already looks better than the Wing in terms of overall quality of work. Good job painting the head sensors. I remember the second time I tried that out; it was ugly, haha.

I dunno why painting certain areas I get a bit of panic mode. But yeah, I still have few tweaks to make, I wanna do those little bolt looking parts to either the wing or a Marasai UC Ver.

I agree with everybody else. I looks much better than the Wing. The head cameras look really good. Did you use Gundam Marker?

that was a bottom layer of Testors Aluminum and a top layer of model master acryl gloss green. I did the same thing with the wings shield as well.

Two layers of paint, and they look that good? Stellar. Crazy potential.


I no longer have this kit due to series of errors… like the how the shield got messed up, crotch broke, and knee broke. I am gonna buy another one at some point.