Funny Vids

here’s 2 funny vids that I found … re=related

A cool video I found a while back. 00 haters gonna hate I guess lol.


That was great! lol i may be a OO fan put that was still funny. thanks for sharn man!

This is one of my wife’s favorite Gundam-related videos of all time. She loves her some Super Mario Bros.

Ha that was good for a laugh, I can see a game out in the feature, Super Gundam Bros.

lol one of the best Gundam parody’s I’ve seen

Zechs I have a question for you. Would you mind if I renamed your thread to “Funny Vids” for everyone to share the stuff they find and sticky it? It would go right beside the Funny Pics sticky.

Seeing as this is turning into funny vids thread, ENJOY!

Oh boy I remember seeing that a few years back. My favorite part is when Billy starts dancing next to Sumeragi and then she stops and leaves.

Not at all dude. Feel free

In response to GNZ’s video:



Oh god -wipes tear-
That transition between intense and BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

One of the best AMV’s I’ve ever seen.


Lol!!! Heero Yuy with a robot voice!!! [Laughs uncontrollably in the background].

OMG! laughs till he nearly pees himself that was not only badass, but hilarious nice find man.

Just… no…thank G.O.D this got canned:

Screams to the Top of his Lungs THIS IS WORSE THAN SD GUNDAM FORCE!!! hissses like an angered snake GET IT AWAY!! GET IT AWAY!! lol (joke)

Biggest wtf moment since seeing the character designs for AGE

Eeewww… Doozy Bots. Why’d you have to bring that pile of crap back up again, GNZ?

Again??? where?