Funny Pics

just a funny picture I found online …

:lol: :lol: That is great everybody has to get around some how

:lol: I guess even Gundams are going green

I love lurking on 4 chan. Enjoy.[attachment=2:1w0484wq]1285939566738.jpg[/attachment:1w0484wq][attachment=1:1w0484wq]73edb1e0d154ce635662720dd84a43c61234601743_full.jpg[/attachment:1w0484wq][attachment=0:1w0484wq]42PBM3ERIADPYDZ6AZXXXGM4FFPDJQOA.jpeg[/attachment:1w0484wq]

More stuff

I had to make this. For those of you that know, I salute you.


Made this a while ago. Got in an argument on someone on /m/ and decided to really nail things down.

I love that picture. I was getting into a debate with a friend of mine over which was better, Epyon or Tallgeese, and I decide to pull that out on him and that pretty much won the argument.

Honestly though I think the Strike was far better than the Impulse. Mainly because the Impulse was too generic looking for me.

Strike looked even more generic to me (Poor man’s RX-78-2). Impulse had some character with any of its backpacks attached. Strike only broke the generic look with the Aile pack.

yeah, I’d have to agree with you on that.

now these, are great.

Of course vegeta on YouTube has an official 7-Eleven RX-78-2 HG, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised…

I’m gonna have to see the 7-11 kit.

I just want to know who had the time to make that pic, that’s a lot of little details lol.

Some more.

Linkin Park gets a few geek points for doing that; if they’d have the balls to do a big Gundam cross promotion in America, they’d really get some geek points.

[attachment=2:2mg9t3lg]Xbox Kills.jpg[/attachment:2mg9t3lg]



Lol @ Xbox Drop. I’m saving that one.

I’ve got quite a few…

Oh man. More.

And even more for your viewing pleasure.