Full Boost PS3 Confirmed for release 1/30/2014, Maxi Boost Confirmed for Arcades

Coming out for arround $80 for the normal one about $110 for the G-Sound addition (basically extra soundtracks) no new Unit confirmations yet, besides leaks about the Arcade unlocks. But odds are there will be PS3 exclusive units. (That will be added to the Sequel, basically hype for the next game like EXVS’ DLC was FB Units)

The next game in the Series is going to be EXVS Maxi Boost (hopefully short for Maximum) first game in the Versus series to break the Two games a Cycle pattern. It comes out March 2014.

Here’s the poster:

Seems we’re geting Movie Graham, Avalanch Exia, AGE-1, Legend, prehaps Perfect Strike with 73CE Mu, some new Extreme Gundam Phase (Expected/10) Char’s Zaku, Puru’s Quebley etc.

I wonder what Maxi Boost Units, Full Boost will get as DLC. As all of EXVS. DLC was Full Boost Units to increase hype. Also given the patern we’ll likely see 130-ish suits at the end of all the unlocks, it stands at about 110 right now.

I’m resisting the urge to pre-order FB… I haven’t even gotten around to playing the original EXVS yet. Interesting to see what the new game (not FB) will actually bring.

I’ve been waiting for this for a while. I need to get my hands on at least one Gundam game this year.


Well if I had to venture what the new game will bring it’ll pretty much do what Full Boost did, add a crap load of MS, and some Balanceing/gameplay tweaks. (FB added proper special attacks to everyone as well as adressed balanceing issues and added a few new side features like MS Specific HUDs for some Mobile Suits)

Personally I’m more intrested in what feature’s PS3 FB will be geting from the arcade, as well as what suits it gets, and down the line what suits are brought in as PS3 Full Boost DLC to hype the next game. I’m hoping Char’s Zaku is one of them, it was allways a fun low cost unit to play as in the past, kind of disapointed it didn’t make it into EXVS or Full Boost. I’m also hoping either PS3 Full Boost (As a Console exclusive) or Maxi Boost will add the Nightengale, we have the Hi-Nu, I see no reason why the Nightengale can’t get added into it.

As for me, if I get this job my first Check will be in part pre-ordering this. I made the mistake of waiting and waiting last time, not gonna do it here. Actually I never got arround to geting EXVS, I might anyways to hold me over. That and really there are no other games arround that time I want, aside from Shin Gundam Musou which I’m waiting to see if it gets a US release, and in Febuary there’s LR:FFXIII which won’t cost as much, and I can wait if I need to.

Extreme VS. is such an awesome game. I’m still quite far far far away from finishing it. I can’t seem to get an “S” Rank on the Psycho Gundam mission. The new coming upgrade looks promising. I might add it on the gaming vault when it’s released.

@ZRC, makes sense. I haven’t been following up on the games much (aside from what suits are available and that it still plays somewhat similar to NEXT+) so I’ll need to do some reading on it.

It’s an incredible amount of suits to choose from. Reminds me of MvC2 for the Dreamcast back in the day. I should read up on the missions to see if it’s similar to NEXT+ Mode. I had a blast playing that, spending hours grinding nearly all of the suits to max level and then see if I can use them to beat a tough boss.

Some more news on some units, take some of it with a pinch of salt, but this guy is usually pretty acurate.

-No more 1000 Cost, all 1000 costs are now 1500, so I guess we’ll see them all get some buffs which isn’t bad only a handful of 1000s where that good IIRC in EXVS (Pretty much Alex, and the Zudah, Arios was apparently pretty good as well same with the Zaku III Kai)
-Char’s Zaku gets a x3 Speed boost as an attack, odds are it’ll work like F91’s MEPE or the Zudah’s boost release, and basically up it’s speed and cut off the tracking, and last a short time.-
-Char’s Z’gok is in, meaning the only major Char suit we don’t have right now is the Nightengale (seeing as we have the Hi-Nu we might see it at some point) it also gets the attack where you stab though people like he did with the GM
-Penlope works like Virtue/Nadleeh did in Next+ it can purge it’s armor and become Odyseuss, really intrested in seeing what Odyssous brings, as it’s pretty much two beam Sabers and a rifle, unless it’s only a partial armor purge. (Which Penlope can do)
-Apparently the ZZ can now separate it’s top from the bottom, much like the Impulse can in Full Boost

With the lack of 1000 I wonder if we’ll still see the Suicide moves with the Zudah (When timed right you can use this thing to whoop) and the Zaku III.

Some more new info about the Console Version of Full Boost, apparently Penlope is in, and not as DLC it seems.

Just a rumor, but the source is usually good, and it’s from some sort of guide book, or something that lists it. So this might open the door for more Maxi Boost units to sneak in. (Odds are things that are easy to convert over like Puru’s Quebley, and the Brave, since the Perfect Strike and Avalanch Exia have things that use MB’s awekening system and such)

What Psycho Gundam mission?
I’ve recently begun running a GEV section on my channel on youtube.
Tell me exactly which mission it is and I’ll record myself getting an S.

and let me guess we’re not getting this game in the US are we