[FS/T] HGUC Gundam Ez8, HG00 Arche Gundam

Dunno if I’m ever going to get around to building these kits, so they’re up for sale and/or trade.

HGUC Gundam Ez8
HGUC Gundam F91
HG00 Arche Gundam
HGAG Gundam AGE-1 Normal + AGE1-R Razor Upgrade Parts

All are brand new; the Ez8’s box is crumpled on one corner/side, but the contents are intact with no damage. Any takers?

How much for the Ez-8?

Is it the newer hg of the Ez8 or the old one?

Make me an offer? Not sure how much it would be worth due to the box damage. (Some folks collect those just as much as the Gunpla inside!)

It’s the new one, released last year, I believe.

How does $25 in cash sound (that should cover the cost of the kit and shipping)?

Sounds like a deal to me. PM me, and we’ll hash out the details.

I’ll pm you about the arche

Cool, responded. (Browser crashed when I hit “send” so I dunno if it went through.)

UPDATE: Both kits are reserved by buyers. Thanks for looking, guys! :smiley:

I’ll get you next time HGUC Ez-8! NEXT TIME!!!

Another update…I’ve got the HGUC Gundam F91 available, and it’s brand new as well. (The Arche and Ez8 are currently reserved for other forum members.)

how much and where can you ship to?

PM sent. Check your inbox!

I’d be interested in the F91 if not yet sold.

Though iirc Amazon has the HG for $14

Cripes! I’d better go with $20 shipped in the US, then.

PM sent your way :slight_smile:

All three kits are available. A few folks were interested in some, but had to back out for various reasons, and they’ve told me that if someone else nabs 'em first, they have their blessing.