FrenchbreadBuilds WIP

At the beginning this year as I jumped all in on air brushing I decided that I wanted to project based on kits that I knew that I enjoyed building. I always gravitated towards Zeta Kits so I decided to start up #ProjectZeta on my instagram! Its open to anyone who wants to partake with the only requirement being that the kit be some form/derivative of Zeta gundam. I Decided that I would personally tackle the Zeta 2.0 line as well as Enahnced ZZ ver ka. Ive built a few of them in the past but essentially ruined them with noob skills so I decided to start fresh now that I am alot better. Here are some pics of where I am now Currently with the project. About 70% done with Zeta 2.0



Looking great dude!

Thanks! Made the transition to air brushing and im not going back to straight builds ever again haha

See, I think that’s what is going to happen when I airbrush my Flauros :laughing:

go for it! Im at the point where anything I build that isnt completely painted is a work in progress. no more straight builds!

Looking very crisp!

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Thanks! Hoping to make some progress today

Wow, I love that! Looks great!

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Also gearing up to tackle these monsters

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