Franken Gundam=How to?

Seeing as this is a weird question, i thought it appropriate to place it here. With that out of the way here goes…

Weve all seen the pseudo artistic phemomenon that is “Franken Gundams”, or Gundam Parts take and spliced together, But my question to you all is: How do you make one of them?

Well I have a simple step by step program.

  1. Acquire Parts
  2. Get A Table
  3. Hook Tesla Coils to Table
  4. Put parts together
  5. Flip Tesla Coil Switch
  6. ???
  7. Profit


Thats not what i was talking about but Lol

What i mean is how do you do stuff like this:

Or this:

Or better yet this:

Any help here fellas?

If I were you, I’d purchase various NGs and I’d stick the parts together, utilising glue whenever snap-fitting doesn’t work properly.

Facepalm again

How do you do it on a Computer? i can easily do all that with High Grades, oh never mind im tankin this Thread! lol