Found a old gundam action figure among a bunch of old toys i found this gundam action figure , it has everything attatched but the 2 bags on its leg, im just wondering did i find something rare or is this just a run of the mill toy, i know some gundam action figures sell for alot so im wondering what its price is . the plastic its made of is soft and bendable ,seems like the colors part of the plastic aswell i dont see any date stamp or manufacturing numbers so im at a loss as to how old this one actually is .

and it seems like some of the parts move showing cannons on its’ shoulders lots of partually movable parts it was a toy that stuck out more then the hotwheels cars

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Thats the Mobile Suits In Action or “MISA” line that came out in the early 2000s when Gundam Wing made Gundam a hit in the US. None of them are really that rare or worth anything I believe. But they’re cool for what they are.

Yours is especially cool because they did an entire line of battle damaged figures too.

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72103 on the right leg im just wondering because it is neat and seems very old. the guy wasnt home in the 2000s , he went to marines. so im wondering where or how it got there . anyways, most of these items in these crates are all between 1995 and 1985 so im just stumped me and my friends hav ebeen studying now im here

Those were so cool, I completely forgot about them but I loved the damaged and dirty look they had

Those things were pretty cool. My favorite one was the ground gundam.

ok well, i have looked through the entire list of that type of gundam , i cant seem to find this one , so now Even if its some early 2000s model i still dont know what one it is

ok well i believe you all , xxxg-o1h2 is its’ model im just suprised , and yes i found the machine gun and shield aswell as both leg pieces in the toy chest, i just am baffeld as to how it got in there ,the guys almost 40 years old. i guess it teleported into his toys.

That particular one is the Heavyarms Custom from Gundam Wing Endless Waltz OVA/Movie

I’ve got the Zaku I from the Battle Scarred series.