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Forum Members,

I have been in talks with USAGS staff, and they would like the community to put forth suggestions for how the site can better serve as a hub for all things Gundam. I have already made mention of the missing Dark Mode, and they are working on it. So besides that, please respond below with your well thought out ways of making the forum better for everyone.

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Monthly Gundam Giveaway:

For a small entry fee let’s say 5$ your name gets entered into a raffle for a gunpla kit. If the turn out is good there could be multiple prizes each month. My thought is to get more kits into more hands.


Not a bad idea INDK. I like it.

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Themed Group builds or contests would be nice as well.


I like the idea of a raffle and themed group builds as well.

Contests, or something that the community can rally on weekly or monthly or whatever.

Here’s an idea what if we did a quarterly schedule for " build events"?

January 1st- April 1st a contest

April 1st - July 1st a group build

July 1st - October 1st a contest

October 1st - January 1st Group build (end of the year build.)

A could be raffle/giveaway be held the second month of every quarter (March, May, August, and November). Doing this would give people a chance to possibly win a kit or a gift card (of equal value as the model kit) to use towards the next “Build Event”. This participating benefits our members who may not be able to afford to buy a kit or supplies for the “Build Event”. On the 1st day of that month there could be a poll for members to vote on the theme of the next quarterly “Build Event” At the end of the the month the winning build them and the winner of the raffle/giveaway is announced. This will give people a month to prepare and gather supplies for the “Build Event”.

If it was me hosting i would make the Raffle/giveaway model kit match the winning “Build Event” theme. For example if it was transforming MS the prise could be a hg wing or zeta.

I think this setup would provide plenty of opportunities for members to participate in builds. If USA Gundam store really wanted to they could ask some of the people they Sponsor on YT to advertise the forum “Build events”. Which could drive more traffic to the forum and possibly their store.


That’d be so cool!

Any suggestions for improving forum functionality?

We’ve seen the current suggestions on this thread and we’ll what we can do about it!

How about a mobile app for the forum? Not sure how much work that would take, but it sure would be handy!

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Maybe ignorant to the preference, but how about ability to turn off auto-parsing of the links? So when posting links to video or article, it will not embed the video or show summary of the article.

Or ability for the read not to show those as embedded.

Not sure if such option already available or not, but if possible to implement either, should speed up forum load time.

Dark Mode is now back btw.


Thank you for your efforts and those of USA Gundam Store.

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Currently the site uses BB code (I think) however not all code is implemented, it would be nice to have a little bit more control over the formatting such as font size and alignment of the text .

I’ll pass this on!

Would love a basic app of the forum