Forum Status Update

As you’ve all noticed, the forum has been going up and down recently. We do have a new person working on it now, and he is making several changes to fix, update, and repair the forum. During this process, there may be times when the forum goes down. Don’t worry. It is coming back and will be working better than ever when he is done. He is also implementing things that will make the forum more useful, easier to use, and less restrictive for you all. Additionally, we are doing a server switch that should make things faster and are taking care of any security issues.

Once this is complete–and the annoying database issue is fixed once and for all–I will post again to ask if you all have any other suggestions on things to do with the forum. I can’t promise what we will be able to do, but I do welcome opinions from all members. I’ll also be talking with the moderators and admins to get their input. It has always been my goal to give you all a fully-functioning place to discuss any and everything Gundam, but we do need to do some maintenance to keep the forum operating.

So please be patient in the coming days as things are being worked on, and I hope this will make the forum run smoothly from here on out.

Thanks for the update. Such great and friendly service.

Likewise thanks.

Exactly the kind of post we’ve been waiting for. Looking forward to the new stuff, occasional downtimes and all during the process. At least now we’re not left wondering what on earth is up with the downtimes, haha.

Thank you very much.