Fortune Meow MG Strike Freedom Resin kit

Hey everyone,

I’m looking at getting this conversion kit. Strike freedom has always been one of my favorites, and this resin kit seems to do it justice.

Has anyone worked with resin? What am I getting myself into?

Resin is different from plastic (obviously).

You most was resin kits in an industrial clean like Purple Power because they will still have mold release residue on them.

You need to wear a mask when sanding because resin dust it toxic and you should clean your work area everytime you quit for the day. A damp paper towel works get for wiping up the dust.

When priming you need to use primer that is resin capable. Most regular hobby primers don’t adhere very well.

Cheap resin kits (especially resin recasts) can be a lot of work. Parts don’t fit right, deformed parts, missing/deformed details, missing or poor instructions. Those sort of things.

There’s also a lot of test fitting.

Im sure im missing some things. Resin kits are a lot of work, but in the end they tend to be worth it.


This. I’ve only done a few resin kits, and they’ve been from Ebay, so be wary of them.

Going to need a strong adhesive like super glue, and you might have to pin parts.

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Thank you both! I will definitely take this into consideration before I decide to purchase it.

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I have some ebay kits and some E2046 kits and they aren’t the best. Thanks for mentioning the super glue and pinning.


There are some quality manufacturers out there that make fantastic conversion kits. That requires very little work.

I’d also like to add 2 part epoxy putty can be used to fix deformities.


I’ve asked on Reddit as well, and from people’s experience, the Fortune Meow resin kits are amazing.

Probably not whether the Fortune Meow resin kits are amazing or not, but MR_JQ and Rxslinger are most likely just trying to make you aware the possibility of recasts in poor qualities.


You are correct. Originally kits tend to have little to no issues, where recast kits tend to have problems.

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Ah ok. That makes sense. Thanks guys!

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I just finished the Fortune Meow’s Dynames. They are good kits as far as resin goes. Anchoret would be better but not by much in terms of resin casting directly.

I was afeiad of resin until I did the Dynames, and it will require MUCH more work. You will have tons more detail and really need to up your level of handpainting and or masking. As others have said, its high toxicity make clean workspace and best practice habits a must.

The Strike Freedom is far more complicated than the Dynames and just under the ZZ. You’ll absolutely need to master colors for the frame and expect to shave a few parts but don’t be scared. I needed to think about what I was supposed to do and it really drives the adage “measure twice, cut once.” Fortune Meow was a bit more forgiving than I anticipated, but the margin for error is significantly lower than a normal kit.


This looks really good.

How much prep work went into this (Sanding, modifying, etc.)?

Honestly, not as much as one may think.

The molds were really good, but any sanding over panel lines requires re-scribe. I’d suggest scribing before sanding just so the existing line is the guide.

This was more masking than anything, and I ended up handpainting a good portion with thinned MMP paints and sealing each layer with Mr. Super Clear Flat so that I could clean up much easier. I used a lot of toothpicks to detail some very thin lines, and I had to boil and bend the sniper rifle barrel because it had a slight bend but outside of that - just checking fitment and making sure that any movable part was able to do so freely after painting.

It’s a very straight forward assembly, but I still needed to get the kit based waterslides because it didn’t come with some of the ones that give it consistency with the other 00 (mainly the shoulder pilot and faction identifier).

By all accounts I’ve read, Fortune Meow has a solid reputation and good sculpts. They’re original castings and not recast stuff we hear horror stories about.


Wow, looks so good!

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How the MG Exia? I heard it wasn’t that good of a kit.

The MG Exia… IMO, isnt bad. It’s not the best kit I’ve built but having built the kit three times I feel like the MG Exia, MG Nu are part of the “OOB and play with them like GI Joe” starter kit.

Yes, the ankles are weak. Yes, the side skirt swords are a huge pain to stay put. I can see where some may have an issue with the GN ribbon at the pauldrons.

Are they major issues? Not issues that three minutes of extra work won’t resolve.

1.) Tighten the ankle joints, or use a stand- that’s pretty easy to fix and yet I often hear “I shouldn’t have that problem to begin with - make a 2.0!” 13 different MG Exia’s using the same frame tells me that’s not going to happen unless the next MGEX is an Exia.

2.) Side skirt swords have no real work around other than plan your pose and don’t mess with it. I’m not big in to playing with them when they’re done anyway.

3.) GN ribbons, assemble it in reverse order.

I dunno, I don’t see the hype about Exia and why everyone flocks to it. It looks like a dejected BeetleBorg with elf feet. I built it three times - first build I only used rattle cans and had no AB. Second time I got an AB and felt like updating the paint. Third time I did for my middle son because he asked.