Forget the car keys, I want the Gundam!

Some people inherit real estate. Some people inherit cars, businesses or family fortuntes.
Sultetta inherited a Gundam! :slight_smile:

“Mom, i’m going out on a date. Can I have the keys to the Mobile Suit now, please?!”

James Staley
Jones, Ok.
Anime fan 4ever

Okay, this is funny as H**l.

I might have a burning hatred of G-Witch, but that is pretty damn funny!

Seriously though, what is it with the amount of people who keep inheriting Gundams as teens? Amuro, the Wing boys, Kira Yamato, Flit and Asemu, now Suletta. Not to mention those who stole their lead Suits (Kamille who would go even further and conceive a replacement Suit, Judau in the first episodes of ZZ, Garrod, etc.)

I mean, it IS a Shounen anime so of course a good portion of Gundam pilots would reflect one of the primary demographics Gundam appeals to: young teenage boys. Yes, there is an older crowd that Gundam appeals to, but it’s not the only one. And with the release of The Witch from Mercury, one could argue that another demographic could be opened up: the Shoujo market.