For all you Marida Cruz lovers out there-

This rather attractive figure will be out sometime this fall. Currently the price remains to be seen, but I doubt it’ll be cheap.


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Wow!! That figure’s incredible!! G.O.D. Marida is hot.

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Back off bub. She’s been mine since day one. Will be getting this. It is a must have for me.

Very nice! If you find a price, post it up here!

Lawlz GNZ. All defensive over a waifu that he never publically claimed to have on the forum (not an open invitation to throw waifus around but Cima Garahau is my baby (still seriously doubt anyone else has the same as me))

Looks like a good figure though. I wouldn’t buy it however, but would completely love accepting this as a gift. Maybe a good Christmas present.

I intend to make her my first Gundam collectable purchase.