Flat Coat?

So I’m finally trying to get into this hobby again and I’m a bit confused.

So from what I’ve read, to make a cool Gundam you need to sand down all the plastic left over from the runners, do some panel lining and then flat coat.
But I have no idea where I buy a flat coat or which flat coat is good.
Also, If I do get this magical flat coat, how do I spray it? Do I spray it after the model is assembled or bit by bit?

Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but an hour of searching has given me no answers :I Any help will be appreciated :3


Haven’t used it but this is going by my research. Hobby stores/model stores is the place. Some come in little bottles but there is also spray cans. If you get little bottles you’ll need to thin it but spray cans are ready from the get go. For the little bottles you should use an airbrush. I doubt hand painting it will go well but no certain but considering how hard it is just for paint i’d say it’s a good guess. I think you can do either tbh. When the model is fully assembled would be quicker.

  1. You do not NEED to topcoat your model to make it look “cool”. It is entirely up to you.

  2. Testors Dullcote is a pretty decent topcoat. You can find cans of it at Micheals or your local hobby store.

  3. To spray it, keep the model in it’s main segments (arms, legs, torso, etc.) and mount them on skewers. At the bottom of the post is an image on how somebody mounted the parts. Keep the can about six inches away from the parts, and spray. Start spraying off of the part, and keep spraying until you clear the part. Basically, you don’t want to start the spray or end the spray on the part. You must spray in low humidity (50% is the max in my opinion), and the temperature should be above 50 degrees. After the topcoat has dried (it takes about five to ten minutes) bend the elbows and knees fully. Spray the exposed joints.

I don’t like flat coat. I use Semi-Gloss on mine. I feel that flat coat sometime dulls the color while Semi-Gloss does not and it does not leave the model too shinny.

For example. This is an unpainted model with a flat coat. I flet it’s a bit dull but if you like the effect. then use a flat coat.

Hmm, Do you have an image of a semi-gloss model? The flat-coat seems fine, I dont know how semi-gloss looks like :s

Also, I live England, (London) And I don’t really know many hobby stores, well, the only one I do know is http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/, But I’m not sure if they have a flat coat there, If anybody could find it or give me a hobby shop in london, I would appreciate it a ton :smiley:

(Thanks ulta and Bossguy for the help, the information you’ve given me is very useful :3!)

This is one with Semi-Gloss finish but it’s a painted model.