Fixing scribing mistakes

I was wondering what’s the easiest way to fix scribing mistakes? If they come out not looking good?

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Are you planning on painting your kit? If so you can use super glue and sand it down once it dries. If your not planning on painting your kit take some plastic model glue (solvent type like tamiya) and put it in a separate container. Then cut up pieces of the sprue that is the same color as the part that your trying to fix and put it in the container. The plastic will dissolve into a put and you can apply it to the part. Once it dries you can sand it down.


I am no master at scribing as of yet, however I have been a modeler for over a decade. I would recommend using superglue to fill the gap. Though keep in mind if you use THIN superglue it will shot along the full length of panel line like any panel lining liquid. So you may want to use a thicker glue.

Make sure to give it plenty of time to set up fully, sand smooth, then try again! Just be careful to not let it sit their unscribed for too long (Over a day), as the glue can become harder than your plastic.

If painting the kit, use some putty to fill the lines. Sand smooth, primer, sand, until the lines cannot be seen with primer.

If not painting the kit. Clip up some of the runners that the parts come off of. Put them into a jar, and poor some acetone into the jar. The acetone will reduce the runner clippings into a paste. Lightly spread the paste over the lines to fill them. Let Dry, and sand smooth.

Thanks guys!

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Another thing to keep in mind when using solvent based putty is if you paint with lacquer paints the putty can shrink.

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Will do.

I don’t think I’ll paint the one I made the mistakes on, I’ve changed my mind about painting it, actually I was probably going to just fix my scribing mistakes reassemble it, panel line it then clear coat it.

Wel in that case. The melted runner is your best option. You could also use plastic shavings from a runner and Tamyia glue too fix the mistake and sand it down once it dries.

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