First Time with Water slide decals

I ordered some decal stickers for my kits and they happen to be waterslide decals, but I’ve never used them before. I did do more looking into and made sure to buy Mr. Mark Setter and Softer, and I also got the instructions on how to use both the decals and the Mr. Mark. I was just wondering if there is anything to know from those who have used these that would help me. For example, what temp of water for the decals should be used, or does it not matter?

Any and all advise or tips would helpful. Thanks

Water for decals should be lukewarm. I also don’t dip the decals, I cut them out, put them on paper towels and then use an eye dropper to drop water on them. I also use a wet cotton bud to apply the decals to the surface. If the cotton bud is wet, the front of the decal will stick to it, making applying much easier than using tweezers. Also, you’ll be able to move the decal around to just the right position (this is the part where you’ll want to use tweezers) so long as the surface is wet. You’ll also want to gloss coat the surface first. A glossy surface helps the decal adhere better.


so using the wet swab will get the decal off the paper?


Thanks for the advice.

What about with using Mr. Mark?

You apply Mr. Marksetter to the surface before you apply the decal and use a cotton swab to soak up any excess after the decal has been applied. For Mr. Mark Softer, you apply that to the decal after it’s been applied to the surface, let it set for a few seconds, and then soak it up. It will soften the decal so that it can dip into panel lines, or in the case of Space Marine iconography in 40k, so that the decal can lie flat on the surface of the shoulder pads.

Ok, then I got it right. I guessed with how to apply the Mr. Mark Setter, but I’m glad I got it right. Much appreciate the advice and help.

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