First time testing articulation on my collection

How many of you actually ‘play’ with your gunpla the way you would with an action figure? Driven by boredom this evening, I looked up some pictures of Strike Gundam. Although most available ones are actual kit photos, there are also a few nice illustrations.

Coincidently, my PG Perfect Strike was right next to me. Wouldn’t it be nice to try out those poses?

Test 1 - Nothing surprising, the famous opening scene can be reproduced effortlessly. Since a HG can do it, there is no way a PG cannot.

Test 2 - Not exactly the way it is in the illustration but close enough. Very likely it is the Boomerang armor complex on the shoulder that blocks the shield movement.

Test 3 - Depending on the angle, the results vary.
Let’s start with the one that deceives you the first second.

Unlike in the animation, the reality is that if you do not bend the right arm, the left arm, even pulled out from the chest at 30 degrees, is not long enough to grab the support stock. This is very disappointing Bandai! What a disgrace for a Gundam to shoot in a ‘Zaku machine gun’ style!!

For your reference, this is how a Zaku shoots…


Is this complaint valid? To be fair, PG Strike is first released in 2004. There are a few minor refreshes in the Perfect Strike but its frame is identical to that of the original 17-year old kit.


That looks freaking awesome! well tbh, It’s not that big of a deal since some do shoot that way.

Thank you! It looks like you are right. Gundam Gunpla does bend its arm to shoot…

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However, I am still disappointed by the fact that the left arm cannot grab the support stock without bending the right arm. With the PG price tag, I would expect the articulation to out-perform the lower grades. Look at this MG GM Command. It doesn’t have the same problem.

Oh definitely! I get what you mean though it would’ve look more cooler if it can grab the gun like a normal human does to a rifle.

Thats not how humans hold a rifle.

You have to keep in mind the age of the kits. New kits always have better articulation because the are built with newer technology.

I get that but what i see is that if the mg gm had a slight bend to its arms then yes it would look just like how a human holds its rifle :slight_smile: btw is that pg strike worth it? Its so tempting haha! xD

Actually near kit is in the correct position for holding a rifle. The Strick should have more of a bend in the elbow allowing the stock of the rifle to come in contact with the shoulder.

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Yeah something like that :+1: