First Paint Attempt!

Hi guys!! well, I haven’t got a new model yet… but… talking with a friend, former member of the local Hot Wheels Club, lend me some paint, and I try it out on the Shield of my RX-78-2

Only a couple of chips while reasembling… but I think it was a mistake, right?? should I have painted it assembled? and only mask the diferent colors?

Please, tell me my faults!!!


I hardly ever paint my kits while they are assembled. Do you know what kind of paint they let you use?

He say’s is “Spectra” paint.

My question about the assembled painting is because after the paint, the gaps on the parts of the shield are bigger, I thik is because the layers of paint (primer, white and color).

That’s a possibility. Some paints are thicker than others. Typically your acrylic and lacquer paints are thinner.

Painting while assembled is not often a suggested route.

It looks like the paint was put down rather thick, but for a first attempt its clean. Something that may help is to remember that two thin coats are better than one thick coat, and test your ratios on a test panel - you can add thinner, not remove it.

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I’ve decided to stop messing with my poor RX, so, as a very old model, with missing parts, assembled by a obnoxious and clueless teenanger like 17 years ago (me, of course), I think that the best that I could do to make it look the best posible was making a “Battle Damaged” weathering, so, here are the results, this is practically my first time doing this… so… hope you like it, I’m really surprised by the results!!


Not too bad. My first paint attempt was a 1/144 Turn A Gundam. It turned out alright, though the Paint Markers leave something to be desired; I had to use a toothpick to get some colors on the tip and onto the smaller areas which was harder.

Nowadays I only use paint if it needs it like if there’s a distinct lack of coloring on most parts such as Duel Assault Shroud.