First foray into painting

I bought a RG Sazabi with a bunch of aftermarket stuff to customize it, and I plan on painting her as well, but having no experience with an airbrush or panel line scribing, I figured I should build a warm-up… enter the Messer Type-F01…

Panel line scribing is being done on some of the skirting, feet, and shoulder armor, and hasn’t been completed yet, but I started painting a little bit. I’m disassembling the kit limb-by-limb and painting it piecemeal in order to get used to the airbrush and not waste a whole lot of paint at any one time. So far, this is the result…

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Looking pretty good so far.

Repainted some only the panels, added some better-looking thrusters, and did some panel line scribing with the new chisels that came in, and now I’m working on finishing up the rest of the painting… this is the progress up until this point.