First Custom Kit: FA-78[G] Full Armor Gundam 'Siegebreaker' Type

Hello Gundam Forums!

For the past month I’ve been trying my hand at customizing an HGTB Full Armor Gundam (Thunderbolt Ver.) into something more resembling the original FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam, with a few twists. As my first custom kit it was hard, painful, and very enlightening as to how the process is done. Not to mention a few mishaps along the way, including running out of Mr. Hobby Matt Topcoat halfway through spraying, and losing one of the leg thrusters thus needing me to remove a leg thruster on the other leg for balance. It was a good learning experience though despite all the mistakes, and makes me confident for more customizations in the future.

More images here

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looks great!