Firearms pt.2

I have the same model XD. Being of the Internet generation, it’s name always gives me a little smile.

I’m starting to get into the habit of using its original non-import name (HS2000) mainly because I keep thinking someone is going to think I’m using an emoji for it, especially with the slightly negative reputation of the XD among certain Internet circles.

Figured I should update this to keep it up there for other gun owners. My 10/22 has improved a great deal after installing the new stock and barrel. It’s heavier for sure, but damn is it so much more fun to shoot. I’d say it’s a 1.5 MOA rifle at 100 yards if there are no strong winds.

I also began my long trek towards building a new lighter upper for my AR. Only got four major parts left to buy, which won’t happen until tax return season next year, and then it’s time to build it. Have to install the vise on one my basic IKEA tables too so I can use it for barrel installation. I’m excited, but at the same time I have to remember to do it slowly.

These are the handguns we have in my house. No rifles as of yet I’ve been fishing around for good H&K clones. The Hi-point C9 is my roommates, the VP9 is my baby, and the Sig P229 40 S&W is my younger brother’s. We go to the range just about every weekend.

Holy crap, we have someone here who actually knows a Yeet Cannon owner! How are they liking it? Been wondering how it shoots. I wish I can take range trips frequently… Two more years and my funds should be freed up enough to allow me to go to the range more often.

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It is…decent. I’ve shot it a couple times and it’s decently accurate. I’m a bit of a brand whore elitist for H&K and have the luxury of “muh german engineering” for the two on the right.

The two things I have with the C9 is 1: you need a punch and hammer or aftermarket pin to field strip the gun for cleaning and 2: it seems to have a bunch of FTE issues. I made sure my buddy had a firm and solid grip on it, we clean the guns religiously so I know it isn’t sluggish on operation. I’ll have to take a look next time it’s apart if there are any issues I can see with the extractor or if there’s something else going on. Overall it’s not bad for a super cheap, single stack compact handgun. Just doesn’t seem to be nearly as reliable as the other two. Also haven’t had any experience with the updated YC9.

Awww, that kinda sucks. Then again, it’s the first generation of a cheap pistol so if Hi-Point decides to improve on it, then later generations should get better.

Also forgot to mention there’s a new addition to my armory. I purchased a Glock 19 Gen 3 via PPT earlier in October. Even though it’s a brick, I find it better in my hands than the XD. I don’t know why that is because the Glock is chunkier, but oh well. Planning on gucci’ing it out eventually with an RMR-cut slide for a red dot and maybe a better trigger. Trigger is currently the grittiest out of all of my pistols.

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Well, i went and did it. I got the VP9SK as a dedicated concealed carry. The full size is going to be more of a competition shooting build so I wanted something compact for personal defense. I almost got the P30SK instead, but the trigger break on this gun is flawless.

Man, I’m jealous you’re able to get a concealed carry license (and not have to worry about a stupid roster). At first glance, it looked like both pistols were the exact same, but a closer look shows the left one is indeed shorter in both slide/barrel length and grip length.


Yup, the magazine I have for the VP9SK has that little pinky extension to get a better grip. It’s still a 10 round double stack, the base one is just flat. They do have 13 and 15 round magazines for the SK that substitute for a full grip, but I wanted it to stay as low profile as possible.

And dude, here in VA firearm owners are going insane. We have like, several sanctuary city meetings going on in counties all over rural VA to help advocate for gun ownership. Since we voted in Dems in the House and Senate, their first order of business is trying to pass gun confiscation laws, but they’re really overarcing and make even some semi automatic shotguns count under “assault weapons”. What I don’t understand, is why like 18 counties of our 95 are democratic but are pushing for huge gun laws for the rest that are primarily rural hunting/fishing communities, and in the same regard aren’t very knowledgeable or familiar with how firearms even work. Quotes like “magazines with 100 clips”, “AR-15’s that fire .50 cal bullets at 30 rounds in half a second” etc doesn’t put any gun owners at ease with laws you’re trying to push over them. It would be like if a bunch of hair stylists came in to my shop to change rules on how vehicles are repaired and didn’t know anything about cars.

So, in this mad rush people here in VA have been getting CCW licenses and buying guns like no tomorrow before this bill is pushed further in January. It’s kind of wild. Like I don’t even hunt. I just shoot for sport and again just got one for personal defense. I hope the SK never sees a round leave the barrel that isn’t at the range.

This really kind of became a rant, but I just hope things blow over smoothly and we can find a compromise. You have a lot of owners in this state that are the “over my dead body 2nd amendment will not be infringed” types and I could see things get out of hand real quick if people don’t handle this calmly, collectively and courteously.

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Snap, so you’re right in the middle of all that nonsense in VA? I read about it all the time on Reddit. It’s definitely rustling the jimmies of many people there and others in restricted states are urging everyone else to keep the madness contained because gun confiscation seems to be the de facto stance being taken by almost all democrats.

I can fully understand the insanity behind who seems to be determining the laws. Here in California, gun laws are dictated by a few cities and of course, the laws show a complete lack of understanding how guns actually even work (like the featureless laws for AR15’s) and some, like the pistol roster, are actually based off of non-existent technology (microstamping) and is probably unsafe because only older generations of handguns are allowed.

I seriously don’t understand why politicians are so hell-bent on removing such a critical part of what makes this country great.

I probably don’t have much of a hat in this ring, given I’ve never even fired a gun and the closest I’ve been to one was being terrified that a less-than-morally just family member would have the wrong end aimed at me while I was living with them, but I figured I’d give my two cents. The only time I really care if someone has a gun is if they’ve been proven not to be responsible with it. You know; proper care / storage / usage of it and the sort. Those people should be fine, it’s the people who don’t that I’m more concerned with, as well as the people who shouldn’t even be allowed to have one (such as if they’re a danger to themselves or others).

I think there is a happy middle ground that can be found, it’s just the question of whether or not people would be willing to consider it. Well, and actually finding a middle ground that makes most everyone content, at the very least. Not everyone can be made happy, I’m sure, but I’d be happy if we could just find something that can be agreed on so that both the sport/trade and safety of others can coexist. There’s really no reason why it shouldn’t be able to.

Like I said though, I don’t know jack about firearms - I’m more of a sword collector tbh - but I don’t want to be ignorant on the topic either. Kinda why I’m considering going to the local firing range with my father one of these days, on top of doing research for writing stories with characters that have them anyway.


I like swords too :smile:

And agreed, gun owners alike don’t like people who are unsafe, untrained, and uneducated when using or owning firearms. If you even see a picture with someone who has their finger on the trigger and they aren’t shooting, they will be flamed and shamed in the comments endlessly for having no trigger discipline.

And we do have good systems in place to make sure certain prerequisites are met to even be able to purchase a gun. But the issue is with people who have the intention to commit a crime regardless of any of the rules. If they are looking for armed robbery, armed breaking and entering, homicide, mass homicide etc they are looking to be criminals in the first place. Making guns illegal and having “gun free zones” don’t matter to a criminal, they are breaking the law anyway and are well aware of that. If you make them illegal, criminals will still have them or get them and you have then disarmed civilians in an event where a criminal would try and use it against you/them. They will broadcast a tragedy for weeks, but they will never cover any times someone who carried saved someone’s life or prevented a robbery, because it doesn’t fit the narrative to convince people who don’t do their own research or hands on experience to buy in and believe something.

The most I want in all of this is for people to be educated, to have a good dialogue where both sides are listened to for each’s concerns, and to preserve the very basis on how this country was founded. It is literally the second right in priority given to us after being able to be who we are, believe what we want and say what we want. I want someone to feel safe when they see someone open carry that that person is also there to defend them if something happens. Not that the person carrying is the one you should be afraid of. It’s going to take time, it’s going to take compromise, and it’s going to take open minds and honesty on both sides. I stand behind my right to own and bear arms as I would for any other citizen, but I won’t shy away from the fact that some people should not be allowed to own and use firearms if they have ill intent.

But guys let’s just post cool guns and not get too political :joy: We had to ban a member 8 years ago over politics/religion.

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Yeahhhhhh let’s get back off the political talk a bit, it was just on my mind recently. XD

I do think I’ll go with my father to the shooting range once summer comes around. Probably won’t own one per se, but I think actually shooting it once or twice could give me a better idea of what happens when the character in a story fires them. I write better when I have a frame of reference like that, and while for the most part I can get it from reading and watching, this feels like something that’d be more beneficial to experience than anything.

Now, given loud noise causes me to go into panic attacks, thaaaaat might make actually getting the nerve to shoot a gun at the range difficult. XD

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My mom was the same way when I took her to the range 2 weeks ago. She has been deathly terrified of guns her whole life. She did hold her chest and jump a bit and took some getting used to. Not only the immediate pressure and noise from when she shot, but also the totally random shots other people in booths around you are taking. Give it like 5 minutes in the booth, and 5 shots and you’ll get accustomed to it.

And absolutely! Having first hand knowledge definitely paints a good picture when the reader who may not have the same experience is immersing themselves in the story, and at the same time won’t break the immersion for readers who do have experience. To me, knowing firearm safety and proper etiquette is like driving manual. You may not need to own one and may never need to, but if you’re ever in an emergency it’s good to have the skills.

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Thankfully I’m only wary of guns because the sort of people I was around are the sort that shouldn’t have them (and that’s without everything else they were doing), but good to know! I’ll keep that in mind. And yeah, it would definitely be helpful; never know what’s going to happen anymore. yjhtgrf

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Dude, the fact that you want to go to the range is a huge step in the right direction already. And by right direction, I mean being open-minded and tolerant of people who enjoy the hobby. Honestly, I’m tired of gun ownership being a political topic.

I feel mixed regarding certain gun owners who don’t take the time to learn. It’s cringe-worthy when you see guys with their ARs not knowing how to zero them or guys with bolt-action rifles that just discovered they can put in more than one round in the internal magazine.


The problem is gun owners have done more than compromise when it comes to firearms. There are over 22,000 federal laws that apply to firearms. The problem is those who hate guns and those with with little to no experience with firearms keep demanding more laws and ignoring the actual problems in society.


Finally was able to build my new upper and test it out at the range. Here it is complete with the sling.
California “compliant” too, so no cause for alarm for any feds snooping through here. Went through 100 rounds of 55 grain .223 flawlessly, not a single failure to feed or eject. Still have to put in a proper mag release since apparently my brother and I never bought one when he built the lower receiver seven years ago.


Nice! I’m waiting on my complete to show up at my FFL I ordered from PSA. All last week every one I had my eye on went out of stock. All of the Walmarts in my area have stopped selling ammunition as well due to the rising tensions here in VA.