Firearms pt.2

Well since the old firearms thread is still showing up as database error, I decided to start a new one.

Tuesday I’m going to buy my new gun, I decided on a SCCY CPX-2, it fits all my critera for what I need and I found a shop that has a awesome deal on them

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Haven’t been to the range again, still. And I really want to go sometime before summer, when things get too busy wedding and finding my own place so the fiance and I can move out at the end of the year.

I see other poeple are posting in the firearms thread but I still see database error, seems to be my luck

I womder how that works. For your sake we can continue over here. So you can get in on the action.

Hey Psyco Diver sense you cant see the other Firearms thread i can give you the same pop quiz. Lets see if you can find it

Do you see what i see?

One of these mags is fune and one is Fuc*ed. Can you tell witch? And why? Lets test your eye.

Its the top one, looks like the mag has split and the rounds are sitting side by side

Thanks, I reset my cookies and everything and its showing as a database error, I think I’m being punished lol

I guess the picture is flipped for you but yep you got it. On the other forum it took them a while to get it. The one closer to the shining gundam is a Promag. Magpul P-mag nock off. My friend in the army says they are as good as Magpul mags but i just proved him wrong. They both have been loaded for about two and a half weeks and already the Promag’s feed lips are lifting up. I believe its because Magpul mixes fiberglass into their Polymer and Promag does not.

Promag is well known for being junk from everything I’ve read

I had to prove it myself. One because my friend says their as good a P-mags and two i like testing brands. Im building a new AR at the moment. And after i finish it im thinking about buying a Bushmaster ACR. Or build another AR in 7.62x39 and install my own gas piston.

I need/want to build a AR, but I keep finding excuses not to lol

Building an AR is so much better. For a lot of reasons. You can build exactly what you want. You save money in the long run because you dont buy a standard AR then one day decide you dont like your stock so you take off the old one spend 90 bucks on a Magpul CTR. Then decide you dont like your Also you learn more about your weapon. And how to work on it if anything fails.

So I went to volunteer at a charity clay shoot held by the Delta Zeta sorority at my university this past Saturday and Sunday. I had a blast helping teach all kinds of people the basics to firearms. I was working the rifle fun shoot station where people came to shoot at various targets. It was great seeing their faces light up and how they got over their nervousness of firearms, especially those that have never touched one. Even though they were just shooting 22s, the difference between initial hesitation and final shot was enormous. Plus, it was a beautiful weekend with warm temps since we’ve been under a cold front; the girls were out in their short shorts and it was wonderful :wink:

However, I missed out on some fun. CZ-USA was a sponsor and they came with a trailer full of shotguns. They would let you go through, pick one you like, and go out back and shoot a couple of shells at some clays for free. I was too busy with my station that I didn’t get a chance to check it out :frowning:

Overall, great weekend though!

That sounded like fun. I’d love to do some clay shooting one day, if I can find a good place in CA for it.

Looking to buy my first gun in CA, not sure what is required, I had read you can take a fire arms safety course and take the quiz on safety and then go and buy a gun?

Someone else told me you just go down to the fire arms store, pick the gun you like, and then take the 50 question test, and then wait for the background check to pass?

One of my friends that is into shooting, said if I was looking for a good home defense gun, then a Circuit Judge is a nice one to own, especially before they ban them next year.

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What kind of gun are you looking for? If a handgun, then yeah, you have to take a quick license test first at the store. Rifles and such, I don’t think you need anything beforehand.

It’s sad, it’s now easier to buy a handgun in CA then it is in my state. :frowning:

Technically the Circuit Judge is a rifle, with a revolving five shot barrel, that can do .44 magnum or 410 shotgun shells, so I guess it could be a shotgun as well. my friend that owns one, and my relative who is into guns said it’s the best of both worlds, for home defense or to just go out and plink some rounds off at the range.

Geez this forum is hard to navigate on my phone

I finally got my hands on some CCI .22 Stinger ammo, dang stuff is hard to find. Its allot more zippy than the Mini-Mags. I wonder how they compare to sub-sonics

I’m pretty close to owning my first bolt-action rifle. Just have to jump through some hoops to get a bank bonus and it’s buying time. I had my eye on the Savage Hog Hunter in .223, but now I think it’s better to spend a bit more and get the Savage 110 Varmint in .223. Costs about $200 more, but it comes with their AccuStock feature (basically much more rigid mount than normal). I was already planning on putting the Hog Hunter on a chassis if I went that way which would cost another $600 so this might save me money in the long run.

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Well I took my 1st steps into a new world yesterday. Purchased an AR-15 lower receiver from Palmetto State Armory. It’s being shipped to a local dealer for the background check to be done. Then I’ll be on the look for a complete upper.