Finished Seed Destiny

I have finished Gundam Seed Destiny along with the Chosen Future OVA. So uh…where do I go from here? My plan is to watch the original Mobile Suit Gundam series but there’s like, 7 Gundam seed movies? That are RETELLINGS of the stories?! Killing my interest, I don’t want to be watching seven different shakugan no shana movies(the shakugan no shana movie was just a lame retelling of the beginning episodes), but I really want to do my part as a fan and watch everything of the series like a nerd is obligated to. What should I do? Immediately begin watching the Gundam Seed and Destiny movies or just save them for later and begin watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam?

Well mobile suit gundam takes place in a different universe. Universal century. So basically once you watch msg you’ll want to watch the rest of the uc timeline. I’d say start with msg then 08th ms team, 0080, 0083, zeta, chars counter attack, zz in that order. Zeta gundam is by far one of the best in the series and my personal favorite and im sure some of the other guys on the forum will agree. I wouldnt skip ahead to zeta though because all the series are good. Zz is kind of hard to get into at first but it gets pretty good half way through. A few of these are mini series and cca is a movie so its really not as much material to watch as it seems.

All ive watched from future century is seed and seed destiny

That depends. I’ve actually got a link here that can find out your direction for tackling the massive franchise that is Gundam.

SEED and Destiny are Cosmic Era. Only anime from FC is G Gundam.

to the OP: Try watching MSG first… the GSD movies are nice, some new animations and stuff, but I think you can watch them when you have some free time.

I like to call the original series the Tomino trilogy, and it makes up the core of Gundam fandom.

That would be Mobile Suit Gundam, Zeta Gundam and ZZ Gundam, in that order. And when you’re done with that, you can watch the movie, Char’s Counterattack. This is what gave birth to the Gundam franchise, pretty much. This is the Universal Century.

G Gundam, Gundam Wing, After War Gundam X, Gundam SEED, SEED Destiny, Gundam 00 and Gundam AGE are all spinoffs and can be watched independantly in any order, and you watch them at the same time if you like.

As mentioned above, the Universal Century includes those four (MSG, Zeta, ZZ and CCA), and a notable ammount of other OVAs (Like Gundam Unicorn), Films (Gundam F91 is a good example), and Manga (Char’s Deleted Affair - Portrait of a Young Comet [this isn’t in english]), and some video games that even expand the story. You might think of this Universal Century as the Star Wars of Japanese fiction.

To truly nerd out, go ahead and start with MSG, my good sir.
Happy watching!

I agree with Lacus Prime there.
The Cosmic Era films are simply compilations, I’d watch them maybe in a few years from now to feel nostalgic.

Haha woops. I was tired last night. Your right, thanks for Pointing that out.

When and if you watch MSG have a open mind, its a old series and the animation shows that, but the story is good. Zeta is really good in my opinion and ZZ was umm something else, at least for the first half, the second half was much much better

Zz wasnt as much story as it was giant mech fights. The gundam team was awesome.

Thank you guys so much :slight_smile: I’ve decided overnight, unfortunately, to just watch the movies, as I want to be get it over with lol I’m definitely going to feel slightly sad to miss Gundam Seed’s familiar characters, but my nerd code requires that I purge a series first, before moving on to the next. \m/

Finally finished all the movies. Took patience. Anyway a big problem I noticed for both Seed and Seed Destiny were the films’ incompetence to recap it “right.” Many significant or rather insignificant events were unexplained or skipped, which would confuse anyone new to the series. I can’t name any examples off the top of my head right now but seriously, if you’re going to make recap movie at least do a decent assorting job and summarize it coherently lol.

Anyway FINALLY I’ll be able to start the original Mobile Suit Gundam series. IKIMASU!

Good luck Friend!

SEED’s first and third compilation movies are pretty haphazard, but the second one is pretty solid, and Destiny’s compilation movies are probably the most complete compilation movies outside of the MSG trilogy. Even outright Destiny haters usually acknowledge that its compilation movies cover its events quite well.