Figures for sale or trade

I suppose ill re upload this then. Once again in no particular order. And Okeria29 gets first dibbs. Ok first off is the Arch enemy Gelgoog. All Char pink n stuff.

And the stuff he comes with. Im just gonna post the pics of their stuff instead of writing it all out if you are curious about anything just ask.

Next up is the Arch Enemy RX-78-2 for some reason he comes with two shields.

The two shields can attach to each other

And now his stuff. He has a lot of stuff.

Next is the Strike Gundam with the cannon. It has a little gimik where the canon shoots out a little plastic missile.

And his stuff

Ill post more later ive got work to do.

Are you interested in trading, at all?

Yea man everything is up for trade. Im going to finish re uploading all these pics. Then when Okeria29 tells me what he wants everything else is up for grabs. Id actualy rather trade stuff than sell it. Granted trading is a leap of faith for both partys. But i think if the offer is worth it ill take that risk.

Things im intrested in trading for is un built models, dry transfer decals, and ive been needing to get a set of nipers for cuting parts off runners i dont remember what their called lol. But yea stuff like that. Id kill for a MG Gelgoog. The one ive been working on took a shelf dive a few years ago a few parts got broken. And all the inner frame has HORRIBLE nub marks. I didnt know better back then. Lol.

And i gues sense im online now would be a good time to keep Uploading.

Is there anyway to just make the thread create a new page so this doesnt take so long to load the images?


Ok up nexts is the De-Active Srike Gundam. I forgot to mention all the strike gundams have their little heat knives. There folded up in their side skirts.

And his stuff

Ale Strike weeeee

I cant find the little stand for the jet. I know i have it just no clue where it is. And i forgot to do the beamsaber blades. Ill check to make sure i put the right ones in the bag with him then wright on here that there in there and stuff.


this guy

How big is that Shining Gundam? (The non-hyper one.)

And curse you for making me turn my head sideways. :wink:

Big guy is the HG 1/60. Its a damn good model for the price. And the gold really looks good.

I was thinking of picking that up. Does it include the Shining Finger?

And witch pic is sideways they all look right to me.

Sadly no. No shining finger effect part. I have the 1/60 wing zero TV version too and it is awesom. And he has really nice articulated hands. And it can transform into a giant neo bird mode

Dammit! Did anyone ever make a custom effect piece?

Not that i could find. But i wonder how hard it would be to make one.

3D printer, perhaps?

Is that 1/60 Shining still worth building?

Maybe. I dont know much about fabricating parts. And if you want i could post a small reveiw of it.

Please do. I’ve been thinking of getting a 1/60 kit of some kid to put on top of my bookshelf; don’t want to go PG, though, as it’s going to collect dust.

Will do. After i get a little work done ill start it up. And feel free to ask as many questions about them as you please.


Ok trying to get this done today. Posting all these pics again is starting to feel like work. Next up is the Wing Zero. Now the only thing i could find wrong with him is his search eye has some paint rubbed off.

And a close up of the search eye

And his stuff

Ok next is the wing gundam. Now there is a lot wrong with this guy. When i was little i used to think the cure for any lack of detail was a black sharpie. God i was an idiot.

Little me sharpied his rifle and all of his thrusters.

And here is his stuff


Next up is Epyon.

And his stuff

Battle scared burning Gundam. Almost every burning gundam figure ive ever had has broken wings. Their all broken where they connect into the backpack. The plastic gets brittle over time then just crumbles.

His stuff

And his broken wings

More to come later.

Ok im about half way done. Nex ill do the Dark gundam.

The dark gundam sadly is one of the figures i got as a kid. And back then i used to think the solution to any lack of detail was a black sharpie. Because i didn’t know that they weren’t just toys. I was a kid it couldn’t be helped. So way back when i noticed that in the anime the little round things on his back shot beams. And werent yellow on the inside. So i decided i would sharpie in the missing detail. And yes im kicking myself for it now.

Here he is killing amuro

And a size comparison next to MG me

And his stuff for some reason i have two sets of fists for him. Not sure why.

And you can see how later in life i tried to paint over the sharpie. Looks then i tried to get the paint off but i didnt know how. It looks terrible. Ok my phone is acting up again im gonna post this and try again in a new response