Fenice Rinastica & Exia Amazing


HGBF 1/144 Gundam Exia Amazing (Release Date: Aug 2014, Price: TBA)
HGBF 1/144 Gundam Fenice Rinascita (Release Date: Sept 2014, Price: TBA)


SWEET! I’ll be all over the new Fenice.

As will I. Surprising absolutely no one.

Let’s hope it looks just as good as the artwork. Unlike the Exia Dark Matter…

I bet it will. It doesn’t have a hard color to match, like the EDM. That red was just so ugly.

True true, I kind of expected a little more…is “refinement” the word I’m looking for?

I still like the Dark Matter better.

If the Amazing Exia doesn’t come with those two swords the EDM has, that would be a bummer. Might as well shell out for the EDM and paint it in Amazing Exia colors, haha.

True, the only major difference looks like head, shield, GN sword and feet :stuck_out_tongue:

Already got two Wing gundams (HG 1/100, and the old dinky 1/144 no grade), looking forward to the new Fenice, looks like Wing was a base to build from, but I can’t place where the legs or the head minus the green side fins came from?

For whomever posted first we actually have a thread for reporting new Gunpla. GNN, the Gundam News Network thread.

I know, I hope you’ll forgive my excitement :slight_smile: